Vital Key to Success in Network Marketing

Key to Success in Network MarketingVital Key to your success in Network Marketing.

Sometimes the most simple and obvious solutions, don’t seem that simple and obvious do they?. Particularly if you are frustrated and not getting the results you want. What I am going to share with you today is very simple and hopefully like me you will find it very obvious.  So let’s get right to the point of this blog and onto that simple solution, the vital key to your success.

The key to your success in Network Marketing is simply to decide that Network Marketing is really what you want to do!

Now I know many of you that read this will react exactly like I did… What do you mean decide I want to be a success in Network Marketing?  of course I do why the heck do you think I am  still here and searching the internet for answers!!!!! Okay, okay just read on you just may find this very worthwhile.

What I am about to share with you could make you a lot of money if you apply it, it won’t if you don’t, but let me ask you what do you think would be easier for you, to read this and potentially change  your results once and for all or ignore it and maintain your level of frustration and potentially  miss the one vital key that could have you earning the income of your dreams?

Let me give the insight to what is meant by deciding that Network Marketing is what you want using a person I know everything about  “Me”.

I joined Network Marketing not long after Noah built the ark, just kidding! but it seems that long ago sometimes. I joined because whilst I had been very successful in my working life it didn’t seem to matter how much I earned I always seemed to end up in the same financial position each month more money going out than coming in. I saw an opportunity to change this by going into my own business and I also saw a way to claim my life back.

I was in a high level executive position that required at least 70-80 hours a week and spent very little time with family and friends. The company I was with decided to take on a very different set of core values that I really felt weren’t a fit for me and I had begun to realise how much of my life was my job. I wanted to find something that would answer my financial position, something that wouldn’t be so time demanding and something that allowed me to spend more time with my family and friends. So when I was approached about Network Marketing it seemed the logical and perfect answer to my lifestyle change, a great income and total flexibility with my working hours.

30 years in the corporate world had given me plenty of time to develop some pretty sound people skills and that seemed like a real asset as the Network Marketing Industry is all about people and I blessed in being a quick leaner, believe it or not, so I thought I was pretty well set up for success in this simple stay at home business model. I asked myself, how hard can this thing be? you work for yourself no board to report to plus you work the hours that suit you. No financial reports profit projections or brand development strategies, this is going to be a walk in the park…..

You probably have guessed it, it was no walk in the park I failed miserably over and over again. I never gave up for some reason I figured sooner or later I would work it out so I kept reading story after story about people who are successful in Network Marketing and I learned lots and lots of very valuable tips. One thing I picked up on fairly quickly they all seemed to be saying the same thing it’s all about your WHY, you have to know your WHY!!!!  and it got to the stage where I thought if one more person tells me to know my why I’ll scream just tell me what to do and I’ll do it!

I already knew my why, it was pretty obvious I needed to make money, I didn’t want to sell my life out anymore and I wanted to spend time with family and friends. I felt I had missed out on so much of my children’s lives and I didn’t want to miss out on any more! So as far as I was concerned I had my why.

My results weren’t changing so I thought maybe I was in the wrong company so I made a change in companies I was with. I had some success but nothing like I wanted, so I soon discovered it was not necessarily the company! Diligently I kept reading books listening to CD after CD attending meeting’s listening to more CD’s and then one day the darnedest thing happened I was reading Bob Proctors Book, You were Born Rich, for the umpteenth time when I read something that completely changed my thoughts, it was the chapter on “The Image Maker” In that chapter he talks about the image we hold in our mind and then the penny dropped.

Let me tell you what happened, I realised that my image was all about, how it Network Marketing wasn’t working for me. Why I didn’t want to fail, why I didn’t want to go back to the traditional work force, why I didn’t want to have more time away from my family and friends, my vision was not a why I wanted to be a success it was why I didn’t want to stay where I was.

From that moment on I started to focus on my real “WHY” I wanted to be Successful in Network Marketing, I love this Industry, I love the opportunities it provides, I love the fun, the encouragement the friendships, I love the opportunity I have to help others. I often laugh about how often I heard “you’ve got to know you’re why” and yet I never really associated a true meaning to it. I thought it just meant, like how much money you want or what car or house you wanted. I didn’t realise that with an authentic heartfelt why you get whatever you want anyway!

There are a gazillion seminars, books, CD’s or for us older ones, even tapes on personal development that teach quite clearly you get what you think about, the picture you hold in your mind is the thing you hold in your hand, like me maybe you have read it many times thinking to yourself yeah, yeah, yeah I know all that and I know what picture I hold in mind. But do you really?

How often do you think about how you are doing in your business? Do you see yourself as a success or as someone who is failing? Do you think you have still got so much to learn or do you see yourself as someone who is learning every day? What are the real pictures you hold in your mind. The only way to change them to a picture of success is to find out your real why!

This is what I did to change my picture and my results.

1. I asked myself did I really love the Network Marketing Industry and if so what did I love about it

2. I asked myself was I prepared to learn the skills I needed to learn

3. I asked myself what I was prepared to give and to give up to succeed

and finally I asked myself to decide if this is really what I want, and am I prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve the success I want. Well I guess it’s pretty obvious what my answers were, here I am laughing and loving my way to my success.

If you are serious about wanting success in Network Marketing, or in any area of your life, you must have a, you guessed it, strong and compelling WHY.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and I trust that you will find value and benefit in what you have just read I know from personal experience if you apply it, it will change your results.

Yours in Success

Linda Cargill-Selfe