Trump Network Marketing Review

Trump Network ReviewI am going to make an assumption here that the fact you are reading this review tells me that you are more than likely reviewing the Trump Network Marketing company to either become an Independent distributor of their products or you are looking to buy their products.

Upfront I want you to know I am not a Distributor of the Trump Network Marketing company nor do I use their products, I am however a successful Network Marketer and it is my objective to give you an independent view of the company and its products in the hope that it will help you carry your due diligence so that you can make the best decision for you.

This is an interesting review to carry out, the mere mention of the name Donald Trump usually has people thinking in the direction of massive wealth creation, or, sorry Mr Trump, that terribly comb over hairstyle.

Seriously one of the interesting points about this Network Marketing company is that the name Trump is so well known and because of its association with wealth and wealth creation, when the launch campaign began there was quite a significant level of interest. Many who made up that initial interest group are of course the Network Marketing junkies who love to jump on board of the latest and greatest trend of the moment, but there were also a large number of people who were looking at Network Marketing for the first time, simply because of the Trump name.

I feel it important to add here that whether or not the name Trump is involved in a Network Marketing business, this industry requires a lot of hard work and dedication just like Trump and his team have put in to expand his empire. So don’t be fooled into thinking simply because you mention the name Trump that people will be belting your door down to join you, you will have to work your business and teach others to do the same just as you would with any other company.

Let’s take a look behind the Trump name at what this company is all about.

Firstly this is not a new start up company, Trump purchased an existing company called Ideal Health that has been operating in the Network Marketing arena since 1997 as the Ideal Health Company which was founded by Todd and Scott Stanwood and Louis DeCaprio and was later rebranded The Trump Network in 2009.

The Trump Network Products

  • There are basically Four product ranges within the Trump Network Marketing company. The first being the flagship product range of customized dietary supplements, based on the result of the PrivaTest, a urine test, used by the company to establish the  individual needs of each purchaser.
  • The second product range is the Silhouette weight loss products which delivers a wide range of “carefully-calibrated foods”, to quote the company product support material. According to statements made by the company this product range is “designed to keep your hunger satiated while supporting your body with the nutrition it needs for healthy weight loss” The product range includes 19 varieties of Snacks, Bars, Breakfast, Soups and Drinks.
  • The third range of products is QuickSticks which is a range of energy products based on botanicals and bionutrients and are used throughout the day for various energy or relaxation levels
  • The fourth Product range is the BioChe Cosmeceuticals range of skin care and anti aging products

The product range like most Network Marketing companies offer some unique formulations, just how effective they are is something you need to judge for yourself. Having a belief in your products is absolutely paramount to success in any business so I would recommend if you are looking to join the Trump Network, check the products out and make sure your belief in them is unshakeable.

The compensation plan:

Essentially this is Unilevel Compensation Plan. It includes a fast start bonus, and various levels of Commissions depending on your rank and volume. Retailing products is a also a significant income earning opportunity and of course the more you help others succeed the more you will earn.

Remove their terminology and labelling and you will find the Plan is a fairly common format one that works well, however you need to satisfy yourself that it will give you an opportunity more than other companies to achieve your goals.

Start up package costs range from $197 – $1797 and then your monthly autoship costs, so homework is required to establish the best package people should join with.

It could be said that there is a certain a level of romance attached to the thought of joining Donald Trump and his Network, but I suggest before you get swept off your feet with the idea of saying you are a part of this Network Marketing company, remember 97% of people fail to achieve their goals in Network Marketing and a huge portion of that percentage comes about because there is no true marketing strategy or detailed training programme in place that teaches people how to become successful in this Industry.

My recommendation to you is this, whether you join the Trump Network Marketing company or any other Network Marketing company, complete the following check list before you join.

  1. Do you have an unshakeable belief in the products
  2. Do you feel you can sell them
  3. Do you understand what is required of you to make the money you want
  4. Do you understand the payment plan
  5. What is the Marketing strategy of the person or team you are joining
  6. What is the training programme of the company and your team
  7. What kind of support will you get

Make sure you do your homework, the Network Marketing industry will reward like no other industry I know, and it is rewarding on so many levels. However there is work to be done and it must be done regularly and systematically and you must be able to teach people what you do. So make sure you make an informed decision that is the best decision for you, and once you do get to work from day one.

Yours in Success

Linda Cargill-Selfe