Success in Network Marketing is all in the mind!

Creating success in Network Marketing is really created in the mind first, I am sure you have heard that old saying what the mind can conceive you can achieve. It seems like one of those, oh yeah! type sayings but there is a lot more to this saying then first meets the eye.

What it actually means in this. Let’s just say the first time you ever went to a Network Marketing business opportunity meeting you really caught the vision of what success in this business can do for your lifestyle and your financial wellbeing.

Perhaps up till that moment you had an average lifestyle, the bills got paid every month but there was never too much money left over for things like going out or taking the kids to the movies on a regular basis. Maybe you would like to upgrade your car but, there just isn’t enough money at the moment to do it, and let’s say this pretty much as your life has always been. Maybe your parents had always lived a similar lifestyle so you have grown up that way, and most of the people you associate with on a regular basis also live a similar lifestyle.

So you get the vision that your success in Network Marketing could change the way you live dramatically. In that instant you think about how you would pay of the mortgage, the brand new car you are going to buy, and going on a family holiday that up till now had only been a dream.  The fact that you had these visions is that what the old saying means, what the mind can conceive you can achieve? Well, yes and no, let’s just continue a little more.

You leave the meeting and on the way out you arrange for the guy who invited you along to come and see you tomorrow because you want to get started straight away!

You join up and straight out of the box you get to work, you start contacting people, you are learning about your company and the products and then all of a sudden you start having a few doubts, a few of the people you thought would be as excited as you weren’t in fact they did not want to know what you were doing. Your family aren’t terribly supportive and your partner is getting a little annoyed that you are on the phone more than you have ever been. So are the doubts the thing that the old saying refers to, what the mind can conceive you can achieve? If you don’t take charge of those doubts with certainty yes!

You see what you think about most often is the thing that you will become, so let’s say your first vision of being successful in Network Marketing becomes a vision of doubt a vision that is filled with thoughts about what you did wrong or about people saying no and you keep thinking those kinds of thoughts that’s what you will be, that is what will happen.

Because you have a practiced way of thinking and believing that there is never enough to do those extra things in life you want, you are attracting situations that will help keep you in line with those beliefs. Most people say well when I get the money then I will think differently and I sorry to inform you that’s not how it works, you have to start holding pictures in your mind of living a life that has more money before you can have more money.

One of the greatest examples of what the mind can conceive you can achieve was Walt Disney, when asked as he was dying did he regret not being able to see Disneyland finished he said I saw if finished long before the first brick was ever put in place. That’s how you create change hold the picture of what you want in your mind and do it often enough with real feeling as if it is already done.

If you want to create extra money in your life, get a card that fits into your pocket or wallet, write on it the amount of money you want to have in the next 12 months and write down what you intend to do for that money for example, On or before the 25th of December 2012 I will have $200,000 and I intend to become a successful Network Marketer, I will do everything I can do each day in the best way I know how. Now take the card from your pocket or wallet a number of times a day and for a few minutes imagine your life as a successful Network Marketer and having $200,000.

Change in beliefs requires effort, effort like the simple step I just outlined above if you seriously want to have the things you say you want you will have to put in the effort! You see success in Network Marketing is all about whats in your mind!

Yours in Success

Linda Cargill-Selfe