A must do if you want to succeed in Network Marketing!

Succeed IN Network MarketingYou must have an overall plan to build your business or you will fail!

There is a great saying that says, “if you fail to plan you plan to fail” and if you want to have huge success in your Network Marketing business you must have a plan.

I know you are probably thinking yeah, yeah, yeah, I have heard this all before! Just tell me what I need to do to make my cheque bigger each month and sponsor more people into my business!

Well okay here is step one! Have a Plan. How many people on your team have a plan and are working that plan? I can tell you if your business is not growing, the number one reason it isn’t is there is no plan for growth.

A must do if you want to succeed in Network Marketing!

I am sure you want to have success in your Network Marketing business and I am sure you want to help others make it too, but I am sorry to have to tell you that desire like this, without a definite plan to achieve it is merely wishful thinking.

Let’s just stand back and pretend for a moment:

Let’s pretend you need an employee and that employee’s role is to do exactly what needs to be done to be a success in Network Marketing. They need to prospect people, sponsor people into the business and then teach the new people to do the same and duplicate this system over and over again.

You have been through the interview process and you have found a person who is motivated enthusiastic, in fact keen as mustard, and their reasons for wanting the job are almost the same as the reasons you want to be successful in Network Marketing.

So you make the decision to employ “Mary” you have explained exactly what has to be done, what she needs to learn, and you have taken her through the prospecting tools and system you have and you have given her tools to learn from and show her how these tools work.

Day one: She is in the office to make a list of potential prospects and to start connecting with people, you have shown her how to do a three way call and you have made sure she understands that even if she doesn’t know everything about the company or the products right now that’s okay, just learn the basics (which you have given her) and you let Mary know that the rest of the knowledge will come with practise. That is how everyone who aimed to succeed in the Network Marketing Industry did it and she can have the same success doing what they did.

Day two: Mary is back in the office continuing to make her list and, oh yeah the car needed to be serviced so she has to take that to the garage, she also has to leave early today because the final of Master Chef is on and she was having friends over for a “finale party”, but she assured you she would make up time the next day.

Day three: Mary is back in the office and she is sitting in front of a computer screen surfing the internet looking for people to talk to because one of her friends husbands, who is a carpenter, told her last night that the internet was the best way to go and she should learn about that. So she won’t talk to anyone today about the business because she knows the internet is going to create amazing results

Day four: You guessed it!, Mary is back in the office still on the internet looking at all these you beaut programmes that are going to break world records and create massive results in the blink of an eye. She doesn’t actually speak to anyone about the business because she really needs to source this internet stuff first

Day five: Mary is back in the office on the net again! You have noticed that she hasn’t contacted you with any questions or to do any three way calls, so you decide to have a meeting with her to see what’s happening. You ask her, what results she got this week, how many people did she speak to? Her response is, “wow I talked to my girlfriends husband the other night and he told me the way to do this was by using the internet so I am working really, really hard finding out how to do that”

You remind her that all the leaders who truly succeed in the Network Marketing Industry have gotten got there by talking to people and following the system you have taught her. So best she starts talking to people so that she can develop skills and start recruiting into the business, she says she will next week, she is going to have a girls night out tonight and plans to party hard so she will need to have a couple of days off to recoup.

Over the next few weeks Mary moves from one programme to another on the internet and she hasn’t found anyone to talk to about the Network Marketing business, in fact she hasn’t been outside the front door other than to go to social functions!

When you ask her what is her plan for each day, her response is the same, I am going to see what I can find on the Internet, because I can’t find people to talk to

How long would you be able to pay Mary if she was getting a salary from you? I believe there is no way you would employ her for longer than a couple of weeks at best, and you would be well and truly justified in moving her on right? because she isn’t do what is required, she knew what needed to be done but she has no plan just a flimsy strategy of surfing the net.

This may seem like quite a ridiculous example I have given you here, but I can tell you from personal experience this is not an exception. So many who plan to succeed in Network Marketing, yet fail, do so because they just don’t plan, they spend most of their days talking about finding a system that will make it easy for them to succeed on auto pilot, this is not a plan, or better said this is not a plan for success.

Having a plan of action is a must if you are to reach the success level you want, success is not an accident it is the culmination of a burning desire, a plan and lots of effort. The Internet is a very powerful tool that will create explosive growth in your business, but only after you have learned the necessary skills to communicate with the people you interact with. So use the internet for sure just make sure you continue to prospect while you are developing your skills on the internet, and practice building relationships with people.

Make sure your Plan is written out

Make sure your plan is written out, have an action plan for the day the week the month the year and review these plans at least once a week. Look at the results you are getting if something is working really well do more of that, if something is not working modify it or change it completely work with your upline leader show them your plan I’ll bet you any money you like they will support you and help you as long as you work your plan.

So what are you waiting for plan for success!

Yours in Success

Linda Cargill-Selfe