What is Old School Network Marketing?

What is old school Network MarketingWhat is Old School Network Marketing?

Over the last almost 10 years there has been a lot of use of the terminology Old and New School Network Marketing so what is this really all about.

In simple terms, Old School Network Marketing is the original strategies used to build a Network Marketing business. These strategies involved person to person or belly to belly approaches to anyone and everyone you came into contact with. They were all about getting as many people as you could to join your Network Marketing business.

When a new Distributor joined an Old School Network Marketing Team they were asked to make a list of everyone they knew, friends, family, work colleagues even old school friends, and often these new Distributors were instructed to come up with a list of at least 200 names. Once the list was completed the Distributor was then taught how to approach or expose each one of these people to the “business opportunity”

In the early days of the Network Marketing Industry, the approach was often made by a Distributor’s Sponsor or Upline directly to the people on the list, and the objective of that approach was to get the person along to either an open or large meeting or to the new Distributors home where the Upline or Sponsor would be there to present “the business opportunity”.

Another major part of the Old School approach strategy was to invite people to a business opportunity meeting or  a meeting about e commerce. There was no qualifying of prospects and often a lot of mystery and mystique about the meetings. In many instances people who were invited this way felt tricked into attending a meeting that often turned into a pretty high pressure sell, and as a result of this tactic many people joined the Industry because they either felt obligated or pressured to join or they got caught up in the idea of making a squillion dollars simply by talking to a couple of friends. And because many of these people joined for all the wrong reasons it often meant they failed at what they were doing and pretty quickly they quit Network Marketing and then proceeded to tell anyone who would listen what a scam Network Marketing was and how they had lost their money.

Another commonly used aspect of the strategy was, what has become known as the 3 feet rule, which simply means a Distributor was taught to talk to everyone who was within 3 feet of them and get them along to a business meeting as quickly as they could. This often saw Distributors out prowling the shopping malls and weekend markets talking to anyone they could get to listen, attempting to get them to a meeting

The huge stand out and positive strategy of Old School Network Marketing was all about forming relationships with people, and many of the genuine business focused Old School Network Marketers invested a considerable amount of their time and resources into developing powerful communication skills, and many of those people are still in the Industry today and still are Industry leaders and top income earners.

So, are Old School Network Marketing strategies and principles wrong and out of date?

Absolutely not!

Old School Network Marketing provides us with a great deal of value and many of the strategies they used have evolved over the years and are as relevant today as they were in the beginning.

The most significant differences between Old School and New School strategies is the incorporation by the New Schoolers of Attraction Marketing Strategies, the power of Social Media Marketing and of course the powerful results driven use of the internet.

If you are looking to adjust the strategies used by an Old School Network, I certainly would advise you not to throw the baby out with the bath water. There are many aspects of Old School Network Marketing that work and work extremely well. There may be modifications required to some aspects, but do yourself a favour take the time to evaluate each of the aspects of Old School strategies before you dismiss them.

Over the last 10 years, or so, a huge focus has been placed by New School Network Marketers in particular on using one of the most powerful tools on the planet, the Internet. But as powerful as the Internet is, and it is powerful, it cannot on its own replace the need for human beings to interact with one another and to form personal and business relationships. Social Interaction and that feeling or sense of belonging to a tribe or a community can only be done by forming relationships. This can be done partially by using social media and email but the thing that really  binds the relationship is personal contact, person to person.

To create true long term success in your Network Marketing business you must build relationships and a number of the Old School Network marketers have that skill down to a fine art so l suggest you learn from them and build your great relationships. Some of the basic tools they used have been updated and reproduced addressing today’s business environment.

If you are seriously looking to be the best Network Marketer you can be whether you are using  Old or New School strategies I highly recommend you get yourself a copy of a book that will help you discover your magic powers of building relationships, it’s called  How to Win Friends and Influence People, in the Digital Age.

Being successful in Network Marketing does not depend so much on whether you use Old or New School strategies at the end of the day you success will be based on the way you interact with others.

Yours in Success

Linda Cargill-Selfe