Saying no to something is the same as saying yes to it!

The law of attraction is working in every situation, every time,  in everything, and everywhere for everyone. It is not something that you can turn on and off, it is just like the law of gravity. It is not a law that discriminates or makes preferences, deciding if you are a good person or a bad person or whether the thing you want is a good thing or a bad thing. The law of attraction has no opinion it is just a universal law that delivers like to like, always!

Throughout the history of time book after book has been published and tale after tale has been told about the power of the universal laws, and the gift we individually have to use these laws to deliberately create the lives we dream of living. One of the best known of these books in modern times is Napoleon Hills, Think and grow rich. The Law of Attraction simple means like is attracted to like. So let’s say you have a dream to be a really successful Network Marketer, you want to have a really large team of people in your Network Marketing business and you want to earn a high 7 figure income each and every year. You have been told success is all about having a dream and you got to work and put your dream together.

You have planned your dream home and picked out your dream cars and you have a magic holiday planned for the family down to the last detail! You have posters all over the house with your goals on them and you have even cut out pictures of some of the things you want and pasted then in your dream book. So if like is attracted to like how come even with all this effort you have gone to, to write out your goals and collect the pictures and put them in a book make the decisions about what you want, that you still don’t have the huge Network Marketing business that’s on your list? Law of Attraction is always working so it’s not that the law is broken or anything, is it a matter of self worth? No all people are equal there is never a question about anyone’s self worth, so what can it be? The Law of Attraction is delivering to you what you believe and what you give your attention to!

Let’s say up till now you have never had quite enough money to do the things you want, maybe you work really hard but you just get paid enough to pay the minimum amount on your credit card each month, you pay your utilities accounts on the last day or the day before they are about to disconnect, and when you have to buy the kids need new shoes, for the next couple of weeks your having bangers and mash more often than normal because that’s as far as the budget stretches. I know this sounds kind of gloomy but I just want to make a point clear here.

Living the way I have just described is showing you that you have a belief that you only have just enough to money to get through each week and the law of attraction is responding to your beliefs not just the words you say. So to become a successful high 7 figure income Network Marketer would be the opposite to your beliefs and the Law of Attraction cannot break the law of like is attracted to like, so that success will seem like it eludes you when really all you have to do is change your beliefs and your results will start to change. If when your bills come in and you open them if you have a feeling of dread or you curse say things like, oh no another bill! I am sick of bills I don’t want to see any more of them.

The Law of Attraction is responding to what you are giving your attention to..more bills and is giving you more of those. In order to change what the Law of Attraction is giving you, you must change what you are giving your attention to, and this takes persistence and effort. The easiest way to do it is to deal with the bills as quickly as you can and turn your attention as often as you can to all the things in your life you have that you like. Start off doing this with small things as often as you can and start getting that creating muscle toned up.

Practice appreciating your life and the world around you as often as you can, don’t wait until something bugs you before you decide to look for something to appreciate. The Law of Attraction is responding to what you believe and give your attention to, so if you are focused on appreciating what you do have in life and you really believe that there is lots to be appreciative of, guess what Law of Attraction will start responding with more things you can appreciate. You are always getting what you truly believe and what you are giving your attention to, there is never any doubt and if you believe that and start looking at what you are currently getting in your life you will be able to work out what your real beliefs are, and guess what you have the ability to keep those beliefs or change them Live the life of your dreams start looking for things to appreciate and watch the miracles start to happen. Yours in Success Linda Cargill-Selfe