What’s your predominant personality type?

In yesterdays post I talked about how sometimes when we communicate with some people they don’t seem to get what we say or mean, yet someone else can talk to them about the same subject and they get it right off the bat

Sometimes that can be addressed by simply understanding or getting a bit of a picture of a person’s dominant personality type.

Let me take you through a very broad outline of four basic personality types, each one of us has some of all them butusually one particular personality is more dominant that the rest.

As we go through these over the next four days please use the information as a basic guide only, there are numerous books and CD’s in the market place on the subject of personality types, I highly recommend Florence Littaeur’s book called personality plus. This book is a great guide and it will help you with your communication skills.

Today we will talk about the Analytical / Melancholy type.

As the word that describes the personality indicates this personality type is analytical loves to know facts, figures and details.

They usually strive for perfection and want things done the “right way” they are list makers and list keepers they tend to want to work through things methodically, they can be somewhat idealistic are often self sacrificing quite serious and purposeful. At times they can be seen as boring to other personality types because they pay such attention to the details.

The negative aspects of this personality type can often be they are easily offended, they can get caught up in all the details of things or events. They often don’t deal well with change and they struggle at times with being a little insecure. This can come about because they are always striving for perfection  so they tend to be quite critical of themselves as well as of others.

Given this glimpse into this personality type, can you see to talk to them about a Network Marketing business opportunity and say broad things like, you can earn lots of money, you will meet a lot of good people, they have some pretty amazing conventions and seminars that you get to attend, would probably turn this personality type off, because there is not enough detail for them.

If however, you talk about your opportunity to them this way, Our company has been operating for 8 years, and in that time we have reached over 300 billion dollars in sales and have established ourselves in 38 markets, the earning opportunity is quite lucrative as 50% of total sales is paid back to distributors. Our brand currently holds 85% market share of the total sales volume of this product on a worldwide basis and sales are expected to increase by 15% in the next quarter as we move into two new market places.

Now your Analytical / Melancholy type is paying attention because you are talking in a language they understand so they probably would appreciate being told how to do their own research.

Knowing facts like this can make a huge difference to your business and to your relationships, because as you learn how to communicate more effectively with people, your relationships will be enhanced, and wouldn’t that be a good thing?

Till tomorrow!

Yours in Success

Linda Cargill-Selfe