Plan your success in Network Marketing

Busy woman needs to plan for her success in Network MarketingMost of us these days live pretty full on lives, I am sure there isn’t too many days when you sit around saying well I have absolutely nothing to do, in fact I do not know one person who would or could say to me, I am bored I haven’t got anything to do!

Most people I know would like to have an hour or two more in each dayso that they can complete all the things they want to get done or even better have a PA that does all the stuff that needs to get done but sometimes just slips through the cracks.

We have a growing list of demands on our time and at the same time we must keep our focus on the consistent daily action that needs to be taken to become a success in Network Marketing.  Perhaps we could keep our focus by just ignoring the bills that need to be paid, the errands that need to be run and the family that needs to be taken care of and just keep total focus on building a business and see how things work out? Or perhaps we could do all the fun stuff, the stuff we really like and leave the rest of the things for the good fairy to do! Somehow I don’t think these last couple of options are going to bring about results we are going to like!

So how do you make the most of this exciting fast paced life we live and become the success we want to become in Network Marketing?

Our lives are fast and paced they are exciting and really I don’t think we would want them to be any other way, so that being said we just need to more organised and we need to plan better and follow through more effectively and generally look at what we are doing each day.

There are only ever 24 hours in a day and that is something we cannot change so all we can do is change what we do in the 24 hours we have. The best way to do this is to have a clear plan to work to each day.

One of the traps with working from home is that it can be all too easy to put things off while you take care of something around the house or maybe you make a “quick call” to a friend or family member before you get into the work that you need to get done.

So to avoid being caught in traps like this, there is a really simple system that if you follow it will keep you on track each and every day.

  1. Decide exactly how many hours a day you are going to work your business and work those hours no matter what. Until it becomes a habit find someone you can become accountable to that makes sure you stick to those hours.
  2. Only do things that relate to your business in those hours, no personal stuff at all stay 100% focussed on the activities that are building your Network marketing business. If you have to, close the door of the room you work in put up a do not disturb sign do whatever you have to do to stay 100% focused on the job at hand.
  3. If the work you are doing involves writing your blog or following up online through any of the social media channels then while you are doing that turn your phone off until you have completed what must be done.
  4. Plan your day using a daily planner, there are numerous free online planners or you can use Microsoft outlook or a simple diary, no matter how you do it you just need to do it and the sooner you do, the more order and time you will have in your life.

Things to watch out for when planning your day!

  1. Allocate a time for each task and be reasonable with the time you allow for it. For Instance if you are writing a daily blog and it takes you 15 mins or three hours to do it normally then allocate that amount of time to it. For those who are using Social Media it is really important to be aware of your time frames as you can get caught up in face book and before you know it 2 hours have gone past.
  2. If you are using Social Media, separate your business time from your personal time. Get in touch with friends and family after your work hours, because it is just so easy to get into the mode of I will just send one message or I will just look at those photos I have been waiting to see and before you know it another couple of hours have passed.
  3. Do not cram too much into a day. If you plan to do more than you get done and you do that on a regular basis you will create a belief that you never get things finished or that there is always more to do each day than you can get done. And guess what, the law of attraction is always delivering to you what you believe so you are going to keep getting more work than you get done!

Prioritise the things you must do each day listing them in rank of importance and it’s important to allocate, me time and and family time, they are important aspects of our lives so make sure you have time for them, remember we work to live not live to work!

It is important to treat your business like a business so you must plan it and do it! Activity does not always mean progress, you can get incredibly busy doing lots of things in Network Marketing but it is only doing the things that count that will make progress and get you the results you want.

Every day is a good one, so make your day count, Plan it and Do It!

Yours in Success

Linda Cargill-Selfe