Nu Skin Review

Nu Skin ReviewIf you are here reading this Nu Skin Review chances are your are either looking to find out more information about the Nu Skin Company because you are thinking of joining them, or you are already a Nu Skin distributor and maybe struggling to keep your dream of being a network marketing success alive.

First and foremost let me tell you, this is an independent review and I am neither a Nu Skin distributor or the user of Nu Skin products. I am sharing that with you because I intend to be as objective as I possibly can be and to provide you with an unbiased view of the company and whether or not it offers or provides an opportunity for you to create a sound long term financially rewarding business. I also want to add here I am not about to “pitch” you on any other Network Marketing company in fact I am not even going to tell you what company I am with.

Nu Skin Review

Nu Skin Review

Blake Roney Nu Skin Chairman of the Board

The Nu Skin company was founded in 1984 by Blake Roney, Steve Lund and Sandie Tillotson and since the launch have become one of the bigger players in the Network Marketing arena. The company began  by trading in the USA and until early 1990 that is where it concentrated all of its marketing efforts. In 1990 Nu Skin began their International expansion programme when they opened their operation in Canada. in 1996 the company became a publicly listed company and has continued its international expansion and now operates in 52 countries in North America, Europe, and Asia and currently has around 825,000 distributors worldwide. Nu Skin had an annual turnover in 2010 of approx $1.5 billion US dollars.

Nu Skin Products

Nu Skin has approx 200 products including hair and skin care along with a range of Nutritional and anti ageing products.

Nu Skin Review

Nu Skin Personal Care Products


The Nu Skin Product range basically covers all aspects of personal care, including a large range of skin care, anti ageing and spa products.


The Pharmanex product range coves Nutritional, weight management and vitality aspects of personal care

The Nu Skin Pay Plan

Earning Money with Nu Skin will depend completely on the work you do and how much you help others. The compensation plan the company have in place basically pays out in four different ways.

  1. Fast start Payments
  2. Retail Margins
  3. Volume Commissions
  4. Bonuses

Claims that Nu Skin is a scam!

Because of some product claims back in 1994 which was followed by an FTC (Federal Trade Commission) investigation Nu Skin paid $1 million and signed a  consent decree preventing them from making deceptive or unsubstantiated claims about its products. Like some other companies in the Network Marketing arena Nu Skin have had more than their share of investigations, and I am quick to add not once has this company been found guilty of any wrong doing! Just because there have been investigations into a company does not necessarily mean that the company is a scam. The USA government along with many other governments around the world do all they can through their watch dogs like the FTC,  to ensure that companies that are scams are closed down as quickly as possible. The fact that Nu Skin has ben trading effectively for as long as it has and that it has been through investigations and is still trading speaks volumes, Nu Skin is not a scam.

The fact that Nu Skin continues to expand and grow and by the sheer numbers of people that come into contact with or have dealings with the company or its distributors pretty much ensures that they are bound by the law of averages to have some adverse or negative feedback, after all human nature being what it is, if we are not happy we usually want to tell the world.

So does Nu Skin provide an opportunity for a sound long term financially rewarding business?

As we have already established Nu Skin is a Network Marketing business and as such is no walk in the park when it comes to being successful for most people. Many are sold on the dream of rapid wealth creation and leaps from rags to riches, I am sorry to be the one to tell you, but Network Marketing is not a get rich quick business, it takes time and effort to develop the skills and leadership needed to build a sound long term business.

To be successful you must become an effective marketer and trainer not a pushy sales person to succeed long term in this Industry. My years of experience in the Network Marketing Industry has shown me that the majority of people can only offer the very basics when it comes to marketing and training new distributors who join their teams and hence a lot of people fail and end up blaming the industry saying it doesn’t work. In fact the number one strategy offered by many in the Industry is make a list of family and friends and go talk to them.

First of all most people don’t feel comfortable contacting friends and family about joining them in a business and secondly that strategy is simply not enough to become a success in the Network Marketing Industry. You must attract people to you and the only way you can really do that is to offer and provide people with massive value and benefit.

If you want your Nu Skin business or any other Network Marketing business to be a long term success before you join any company I suggest you check out some marketing strategies that are all about today’s market place and will teach not only how to market but how to build valuable long term relationships.

I hope you have found this review helpful, hats off to you if you are looking to join the Network Marketing Industry just remember to balance your findings with your heart and your head and then get to work once you have made your decision.

Yours in Success

Linda Cargill-Selfe

PS. I found this information on attraction marketing invaluable it may help you too!