Network Marketing Tip # 7

Network Marketing Tip # 73 way Calling

This is such a key element of Success in Network Marketing, you will be amazed at how much easier it is to help yourself and others in your team using three way calls. My own business grew incredibly fast as soon as I understood this concept and put all aspects of it into practice.

If we go back to when you first joined the Network Marketing Industry, maybe it was last week last month or last year it doesn’t matter, just remember how enthusiastic you were when you heard “that” presentation, that special one, when you knewyou just had to join the business you could see the bigger picture and you wanted to be part of it!

Perhaps you were thinking what it would be like to have all the things you had dreamed of having, or taking that holiday you longed to take, or having enough cash flow that you could have the freedom to make all the best decisions for you and your family!  No matter what it was, I bet it felt good, and I bet your were excited.

Now go to the first time you  spoke to anyone about the business, if you are like most of us (especially me) you blurted out some kind of garbled message about this amazing business with all these fantastic people and a mind blowing ground breaking product and everyone who joins is going to make so much money it’s incredible. WELL maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you get my picture, talking too much for too long about INCREDIBLE things!

On the other hand maybe there were or still are people that you haven’t spoken to, because you weren’t confident enough about your Network Marketing business to talk to them?

What if there was a way you could learn to talk to people in the best way and it was quicker than trial and error, what if there was a way you could leverage your upline leaders knowledge to talk to the ones you are nervous to talk to…. Well there is  it’s three way calling and it can be the perfect answer to these situations, it is the ultimate utilisation of leverage which is the strength the of Network Marketing Industry

The power of three way calling is invaluable:

  • It allows new distributors to leverage yours or others knowledge
  • It absolutely speeds us the learning process.
  • It allows like minded people to connect
  • It shows the prospect the kind of support they will be getting when they join the business
  • It provides the all important Social Proof

It is vital to get your new distributors three way calling as soon as you can. If you have just joined the business yourself and don’t feel particularly comfortable handling three way calls speak with your upline or your first leader they will only to pleased to help you.

As soon as you can establish a 3 way calling system with your upline/ downline this is one of the most powerful tools you have to build your business.

It is important that you edify both your upline to your prospect and your prospect to your upline and once you have connected them up, SIT BACK LISTEN and LEARN, DO NOT SAY ANYTHING, unless your upline asks you to.

There are many ways to use three way calling you can do it with someone who is already successful in the Network Marketing Industry to a new prospect. You can also use them to have prospects talk to other members of your team. You can also do them with someone from your Company.

Another powerful aspect of three way calling is in helping you connect up your team on a more personal basis than group webinars or training calls.

We all want our distributors to feel like they belong right?   An excellent way to start connecting your distributors is this let’s say you have a distributor who has just joined you who is a Builder or a carpenter and you already have another distributor who is also a builder or a carpenter, connect them up on a three way call it is a simple way to have people feel connected especially to someone who perhaps has a similar background to them, or at least connecting with someone who they have  something in common with.

If you are really serious about creating long term Success in Network Marketing , then mastering  Network Marketing Success  tip #7 “The power of three way calling” is a must!

Yours in Success

Linda Cargill-Selfe