Network Marketing Tip #5

Prospect, prospect, prospect!

Network marketing is about people, it’s a people to people business. So in order to be successful in a people to people business, guess what you need, you got it “people”

One of the best habits you can adopt is making sure that you are actively doing something in the prospecting arena every day you are working your business 80% of the time you work your business should be prospecting, contacting people

So what is the best way to go about prospecting? There are various ways of contacting people and every method has their own merits. The best way for you to contact people is the way that suits you best and you are most comfortable with, after all how can you become successful at anything if you don’t like what you are doing?So talk with your upline sponsor about what they do and what they recommend you do. If you are not happy with what they recommend discuss it with them, you have joined a successful industry that could change your financial future forever so discuss it get clarity so that you can get to work.

Old School or New School which is the best way to go?

Many of what we now call Old School Network Marketers, develop systems for prospecting that require making lists of people you know, talking with family and friends and contacting people directly through things like advertising, buying leads, flyers and other mail outs.  They also have what they call the three feet rule, which simply means if someone is within three feet of you talk to them and find out about them see if they are the people you are looking for. Really when you sum this system up it’s about building relationships with people and maybe those people are the ones who will join you in your business, it’s people to people prospecting

New School Network Marketers develop systems that usually are focused around the internet using the power of the Internet to generate programmes that are Attraction Marketing based. This means creating capture pages or websites where you attract people to you, so it’s more about having prospects come to you rather than you going to prospects. This system of course opens things up to a global market a lot quicker that one on one people to people, but don’t be fooled there is still lots of work to do.

The question is do any of these systems work and is any one system better than the other. Firstly they all work secondly if you talk to Old School Networkers they say their system is the best and if your talk to the New Schoolers they say their system works

It’s your Decision

You must make the decision based on what you feel most comfortable about, because at the end of the day you prospecting is the number one activity to grow your business so you need to work out quick smart just how you are going to do that.

In Success Tip # 6 we are going to talk about the best way of creating your success, once you have people joining your team.


Yours in Success

Linda Cargill-Selfe