Network Marketing Tip # 4

Network Marketing Tip # 4What happens to many who join the Network Marketing Industry,they watch others who have made it, they hear stories of going from rags to riches overnight and then they think there is something wrong with them because they haven’t become the quickest member of their team to move to the top of the pay plan so they quit.

It’s vitally important to be patient and remained focused. There are many stories of overnight successes in the Network Marketing Industry just as it is in other Industries, but you know what I’m not really one to believe in quantum leaps, because as time has revealed to me one of two things  usually happens, one, many of these people disappear as fast as they rise, or two the rise was not quite as fast as it first appeared. How many times have you heard that performers have become an overnight success, take Susan Boyle the amazing Scottish lady with a fabulous voice, people commonly believe she rose to her success overnight…. No she didn’t! she has been singing since she was 12 years old she has, practised and sang whenever she got the opportunity always longing to make it to the big time. Like all things in life with constant action she reached a tipping point where one more appearance was all it took to get her into the limelight.

Practice makes Perfect

This is an important thing to remember with your Network Marketing business just keep taking action, practise your skills hone them just as Susan Boyle honed her singing skills and you too can rise to the top.

The very first company I joined, my upline went from zero to top of the pay plan in 16 weeks, which was amazing, so can you imagine how I felt when after 16 weeks I had sponsored just a hand full of people? By the way, most of them were friends who just wanted to take the products!  I thought and felt like the biggest looser out. So I quit trying to grow my business and went back to working a job.

You see I didn’t understand you have to learn this Industry like you learn any other trade and I just hadn’t taken enough time and action to learn what I needed to know.

Skills are developed and fine tuned by repetition and simply I hadn’t done enough.

My upline had been in the Industry for years, one of them had been the top income earner for another company, they had exercised patience and focus and had stuck with it until they were successful. So when they decided to join a new company many people followed them because they knew they were successful.  They also acquired a 50,000 name data base of people interested in wealth creation.  Now they never could have achieved the quick rise to the top, and no one would have entrusted them with such a valuable data base had they not successfully learned and practised their trade. So don’t be discouraged when you hear stories of instant rise to the top and think that you don’t have what it takes, yes you do, as amazing as these people are, and they are, they are amazing because they have done what they need to do to become successful and you can do the same.

If you quit I believe you are making a BIG MISTAKE! Stay focused on your goals, and keep taking the action you need to take, remember your success will grow only as fast and as thoroughly as you do. This Industry pays above average rewards for those who are prepared to put in above average effort to learn the skills they need, so stick with it.

Network Marketing Success Tip# 4: Be patient, stay focused and keep honing those skills you will succeed, remember the only time you can really fail is if you quit.

Your in Success

Linda Cargill-Selfe