Network Marketing Tip #2

Network Marketing TipNow you have your vision in place  it is time to decide how much time you are going to devote to your business. The majority of people who join a Network Marketing company do so on a part time basis. So deciding how much time a day or a week that you are going to put into your business is a must, because you really want to get the best results in the shortest time right?

The important thing here is to be real, set yourself a number of hours to work each week and to be really effective set the days of the week that are you working your business and stick to it. Remember this is a business of duplication and it is not only what you teach your team that is duplicatable, what you do is also very duplicatable people will always do what you do, not what you say, so it is important that you do what you want the people who join your team to do.

Remember it’s not just about today, its about the big picture

The long term effect of having a time structure is also really important,  let’s look down the track say 2 years you have built a successful business, and you now work it on a full time basis, so when you are talking to your team or to new prospects they may look at what you are doing now and think that they can’t do that because the have a job that they go to 40 hours a week. Because you started your business on a structured part time basis you can now share with them how and why you did that, which believe me will end up inspiring and helping those that are really looking to create a better life for themselves.

I heard a presentation recently where the speaker said they worked their business 24/7 and let me tell you the impact had on the meeting, people didn’t join the common comment was I don’t want to do something that I have to work 24/7 I have a family and I am looking to improve my lifestyle not work all day every day!

Make a sound decision about the hours you are going to work based on balance. Also make sure when you set your business hours that you are actually performing business building activities, not just getting ready to get ready.

When it work time it’s work time, do things that build your business

Lets say you are working on average 9-5 Monday to Friday a good starting point could be 10 hours a week, with one day a week that is a complete leisure day, commonly this is a Sunday lots of people have family and church commitments on Sunday and I found for me it has always worked well having that day as my Rand R so to speak .

I am going to stress a point here because this is the point most people miss!

The 10 hours you have committed to work is actual business building time, which means you are actually contacting people or marketing your site, three way calling, following people up, active lead generation, in fact all the activities that are about generating business.  So make sure you allocate the time your working on your business and mark it out in your diary. Plan your work and work your plan

Work Smarter not harder

Network Marketing when worked smartly is a lifestyle business so right from the start make sure you have balance and plan your time to work and work your plan from part time through to full time. This will make you attractive to others and your success in your prospecting will increase dramatically.

Mentor with your upline or sponsor and they will no doubt help you establish the best number of hours you need to work based on the goals you have set so talk it over with them. Remember balance is the key here not just for you but for all those who join your team. After all in Network Marketing is about time and money freedom so it is important to be authentic and lead by the power of your example.

Network Marketing Success Tip #2 Work out and commit to the number of hours you are going to work every week, allocate that time and work that time, be authentic.

Yours in Success

Linda Cargill-Selfe