Network Marketing tip #1

Network Marketing TipThe fundamental principles of success in Network Marketing are really the same as they are for any success in life. First you must have a vision of the success you want. Secondly you must desire that vision to be a reality in your life, and finally you must believe that your desire will become a reality in your life. Then you must acquire the skill to achieve that success in your chosen field, and every field has specific skills that are required for success.

Given that this is the most important subject in any business I am going to dedicate a series of articles covering the top 10 Network Marketing Tips you achieve your success.

Essentially the basics of Network Marketing are say it right say it often and think big!

Now that sounds like a pretty easy formula, or is it? The Network Marketing Tip we are going to cover here is the last point first. Think Big!

Network Marketing Tip # 1

Over the years I have been involved in Network Marketing I have found a similar pattern in people who say they are not having any success in their Network Marketing business, and that is the picture they hold in their mind of their business. The majority of people when you ask them, what is the vision they have for their business? Their responses usually fall into broad statements similar to these – I want to make lots and lots of money, I want to help people, I want to have control of my life, I want to be my own boss. I want to spend more time with my family. They all sound like perfectly good pictures don’t they, it appears that they are thinking big because for the majority of people what they are giving as their reasons would be a big change in their lives so their thinking big right?

Network marketing TipLet’s just dig a little deeper and put this Network Marketing Tip to work and find more meaning to thinking big! Let’s say your reason for being successful in your Network Marketing business is that you want to earn more money. Let’s just explore how you could really Think Big about that. Let’s start by asking these questions.

How do you think about you and money right now?  Do you think more about the debt’s you have or the money you have? Thinking big is all about seeing yourself with what you want not about seeing what you don’t want because if you are simply thinking about your debts and how to get rid of them what you will create is more of what you are thinking about most, and in this case that means you debts so pay particular attention to what you are thinking about and Think Big

How do you feel when you talk about your current income, are you appreciating what you earn or complaining about what you earn? Do you really see yourself having lots of money? How would you live? Where would you live? What would your house be like? What kind of car would you drive? What charities would you support? What sort of holidays would you go on? What would your team look like in your business? How many of them are at the top of the pay plan with you? What sort of people are in your Network Marketing team? Where are these people based?

The fact that you are  in this Industry and that you are reading this Network marketing tip, is already saying that you are well on your way to thinking big, I would just highly recommend that you take stock of how you think about various aspects of you and money and make sure you see yourself highly success in your Network marketing Business earning a great income.

Having a clear mental image of what you want your life to be like and why you would like and how that fits with your Network Marketing business is the most important step in creating true success. You must be able to hold the picture of what you want in your mind before you can hold it in your hand, so put pen to paper, even create a picture board of exactly how you want your life to be. When you do that, that is starting to think Big, thinking about the big picture.

Network Marketing tip #1 Think Big get a clear mental picture of what you really want from the business. Check my next post for Network Marketing Tip # 2


Make your Day a Magic One!

Linda Cargill-Selfe

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