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The best Network Marketing CompanyOn this page you may find your answer to the Multi Million Dollar question, which Network Marketing Company is the best, the numero uno?

Please note that I said that you may find your answer not somebody else’s. Assessing Network Marketing companies is a very subjective process because each one of us has our own perspective. There are a couple of guidelines that I believe  will establish some of the basic facts for you but at the end of the day you ultimately will make your decision based on your due diligence.

When you research any Network Marketing company you are bound to find some negative comments, my suggestion to you is, when you do is to remember that people love to talk more about what’s wrong than they do to talk about whats right. That’s a predominant trait in human nature, we seem to get a much larger audience when we are telling a bad news story than a good one, just watch the news every day! I am not suggesting you ignore negative comments but I am suggesting you read or investigate as many positive comments as you do the negative ones.

Network Marketing attracts lots and lots of people to it every day, many of those people who get excited about what they see seem to wear themselves out with excitement because they do little else than just get excited and then they fail and then they blame that particular company and that’s the number one reason you will find negative comments on the net.

Network Marketing is a business and as such must be treated like one, developing the skills, educating yourself on the Industry and your craft. Like the name suggests it is Network “Marketing” which means you must market your business each and every day, not just someday! Those that take the someday approach are usually the ones writing the negative comments about a particular company.

On other thing I have found and it’s rather humorous, is that you will find a few negative comments from people who have never been in Network Marketing but had a friend or family member that was, and because that friend or family member shifted their focus from hanging out down the pub or watching the footy on TV with their mates, to going to business meetings or spending time marketing their business, the friends or family members say things like Network Marketing brain washes you and you change! I mean how dare someone want to improve their lifestyle without asking their friends and family if it’s okay.

So what makes a great Network Marketing Company and what make the best Network Marketing Company:

There are some important aspects that can help you establish a great Network Marketing company:

  1. How long has the company been trading
  2. Are the products in a high demand category and competitive
  3. Do the founders of the company have a proven track record in Network Marketing
  4. Do they have a money back guarantee
  5. The compensation plan – how do you earn the money?

So what does it take to be the best Network Marketing Company

  1. YOU have checked out all of the above
  2. YOU really relate to the company and its products
  3. YOU really relate to the person that has approached you
  4. YOU believe in what you have seen and heard.

Point number four is so important, because if you have truly done your due diligence and the company checks out, there is a high demand for the products and they are competitive and the compensation plan pays out a fair amount ( I consider 50% a fair amount) then the rest has to come from you and how you feel, and if it feels like you can’t wait to get started then you have just found the best Network Marketing Company for you.

I have reviewed a number of the top performing Network Marketing Companies and some of the newer ones to come to the market place. These reviews are objective and they are my point of view.

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