MLM tips – Toughen up

Toughen up for Success in Network MarketingCreating a successful Network Marketing business is not always easy but you know what, if it was really easy then everyone would be doing it.

To be a successful leader in the Network Marketing industry you need to toughen up. There will be things that you get annoyed about, disappointed about and simply just fed up about, but as harsh as this may sound you have to get over it , get tough and get going.


It is easy to quit Network Marketing. when things get to hard, and no one would blame you. After all the newspapers and the TV stations and the radio stations are all saying that the economy is tough, right? So that’s a good reason to play it safe isn’t it play it safe and quit?

Successful Network Marketers, feel the tough times! They have the disappointments, they get annoyed and at times even angry, but you know what is different about a successful Network Marketer and a Network Marketer that quits? The successful Network Marketer willingly use’s every experience as an opportunity to grow and learn and to become as strong as they need to be to be at the top of their game, to be strong enough to lead a team of thousands of people. Do you know any quitters that lead huge teams of people?

There is no doubt that you will be challenged along the way of your journey to rise to the top of your Network Marketing company, just accept those challenges as very valuable lessons, lessons you need to learn and master to be the best that you can be.


I promise you there will be days when you will question yourself and the choices you have made to be a part of the Network Marketing Industry, and I promise you that if you will just take a step back when you are being tested and go back to the reasons you joined the industry, revisit your goals and think about what it would feel like to make the changes you want to make, to your life, and the lives of your loved ones. Then ask yourself would I give up the opportunity for this just because it gets hard? Can you imagine saying to the love of your life, oh honey I am sorry we won’t be having our dream home or, we won’t be taking our family away on that holiday we planned, because I have a problem and it just got to hard for me, so I quit!

Many people think there is something wrong with them because they have problems, they think other people have better skills or worse they think other people are luckier than them! And the reason they think this way is because the successful Network Marketers don’t seem to have the same problems. I can tell you in most cases they do, the only difference is that successful Network Marketers see problems as a natural part of life and as opportunities so they quickly start looking for solutions, and they modify the action they are taking.

Network Marketing will reward you like no other business I know, it will help you grow as a person more than any other business I know! It will give you incredible time and financial freedom more than any other business I know, and it will test you like no other business I know.

So just remember when problems occur, it’s time to get excited because you are now being put through the test that only leaders go through, so it means you are on our way to success. So when it gets tough just toughen up and get going look for solutions, and remember winners never quit and quitters never win.

Yours in Success

Linda Cargill-Selfe