MLM tips: Can I be in more than one Network Marketing Business at a time?

This is a very interesting question and one that there is no hard and fast rule to except in the situation where a Network Marketing company has a stated policy and you would need to check that out in your policies and procedures, and I suggest you do.

I am going to address this part of my answer as if you are fairly new to Network Marketing or that you haven’t as yet reached the level of success you want.

I personally do not believe you can be in more than one company at one time and be authentic! So in my opinion I would advise you to stick to one company until you have mastered the skills to reach the level of success that gives you and the people you brought into the business who are working with you, a very healthy annual income and one that does it virtually on auto pilot. Then if you feel that you want to build with another company I would advise you to step away from the first company and just pick up your residual cheques and leave the team in peace, unless of course you know there is some real issues with the first company.

By being in more than one Network Marketing company at any one time as far as I am concerned sends a very confusing message to those who are on your team, because how do you remain authentic teaching them to stay focused and to believe in their company when you are showing them the opposite thing? It also destroys your credibility if you are marketing more than one company at a time.

I had an interesting phone call with a lead a little while back, he said he was looking for a new business because he said he wasn’t having “much luck” with the company he was with and as the conversation progressed, it turned out he was one of those leads that were actually attempting to recruit people into his existing business, he wasn’t really looking for a good team or company to join.(already there is a credibility issue as far as I am concerned).

When I asked what company he was with he said well if you are really interested in Nutritional Supplements I am with xyz company and I am with abc company and that can give you a really good deal for your phone.

I asked him how on earth he expected to be successful offering two companies to the one person, and I nearly fell over when he said oh it’s easy if people don’t like those things I am with a great holiday company so I can offer them that, that really covers all bases don’t you think?.

When I asked how many people he had personally sponsored, his reply was text book stuff, this is what he said, “oh it really doesn’t matter how many people I sponsor because the results you get in Network Marketing are all about the effort you put in!

I’ll bet you any money you like in a matter of months this guy will be walking around telling those that will listen, that Network Marketing doesn’t work!

My questions to you if you are thinking about joining a second Network Marketing company would be this.

  1. How successful are you with the company you are with? If your answer is not very, then I would highly recommend you stick to one until you are successful.
  2. If you are very successful with your current Network Marketing company, my question is would be why are you looking at another company?

If it is about creating Multiple streams of income, then I would highly recommend you combine your proven Network Marketing skills with the best attraction marketing system in the Network Marketing Industry, MLSP,  and help as many other people as you can to become successful in the Network Marketing Industry and earn some affiliate commissions along the way.

Lead by the power of your example give 100% of your focus and commitment to one Network Marketing company at a time, become really successful and then teach as many others as you can to do the same. We have the best Industry in the world let’s keep our credibility and build big strong businesses one at a time!

Yours in Success

Linda Cargill-Selfe