MLM tips – 5 Easy steps to selecting the right Network Marketing Company.

Network Marketing successSelecting the right Network Marketing Company for you is essential for your success, because if you do not have your heart involved in what you are doing true success will elude you. So how do you go about selecting the best Network Marketing Company for you?

There are 5 key things to consider and evaluate and that will make the process a whole lot easier and a whole lot simpler.


1)  Make sure Network Marketing is your passion

Before you look at any Network Marketing company make sure your decision to join the Network Marketing Industry is a strong and passionate one, there are incredible opportunities to earn an amazing income and live a wonderful lifestyle if you do the work, because like anything in life the success you have just doesn’t fall into your lap you have to have to work for it, and the only way you will keep up the work is to love what you do.

2) Do your own Research

Do your own research on the company you are looking to join, ask the questions you want to ask, don’t be backward here this could be the best decision you ever make so really do your homework and find out what you want to know. Something’s you may find valuable to know are: How long has the company been trading? What is their distribution base? How many countries do they operate in? What is their expansion programme for opening up new markets and for product development?

3) Research the founders

Do your research on the founders of the Network Marketing company you are looking at. What is their track record? If you are looking at a start up company it is really important to check out the founders backgrounds they may have been a famous sports person or highly successful property developer but that does not necessarily qualify them to run a successful Network Marketing Company. So check them out and make sure they fit the criteria you would expect them to fit, you can do that really easily over the internet.

4) Get a thorough understanding of the compensation plan

Go through the compensation plan, make sure you really understand how you earn the money and find out what percentage of profit is paid back to distributors in commissions and bonuses? It will also pay to find out what actions you have to take in order to get your first cheque. How often do they pay? How many ways are there to earn money through the plan? Success in Network Marketing is about helping others become successful so make sure you can see how you can help the people you bring into your business earn money and become successful.

5) Check out the Products

This to me is a really important aspect of your choice in my traditional business career and in my Network Marketing Career, one thing I absolutely know to be true you must be passionate about your product to be really successful.  Network Marketing is a distribution business, we distribute products and so you must be passionate about the products you are going to work with.  Make sure the products are both relevant to the market place and are price comparative.

Trust your instinct! Put some emotion into your research, as well as being a logical business decision it should also be an emotional one, so make sure that when it “feels” right take the action you need to take, likewise if it “feels” wrong then walk away from it, there are plenty of opportunities out there and trusting your instinct will go a long way to guiding you down the right path to the right Network Marketing company for you.

Finally make sure you relate to the person you are joining up with and with their upline leader or sponsor. Also check out the training and support system they have in place to help you on your path to success. This is one of the key things you need to establish:

What are the marketing strategies they have in place to attract prospects to you?

The major reason people fail at Network Marketing, other than not putting in a consistent effort, is they run out of people to talk to. So it is really important in fact vital to your success in your Network Marketing venture to have a sound strategy in place that you can tap into to attract prospects to you. Many Network Marketers rely on the approaching only the people they know to build their business and this often means that in a very short period of time distributors simply run out of people to talk to, so what happens when you have spoken to the people you know? Does the team you are looking to join offer a sound solution to that situation and if so what is it? what is the cost? and what are the results others are getting using that system? Remember to be a true success in Network Marketing you must be able to help others succeed so the system must be a truly duplicatable one that one can use and get great results.

Joining the Network Marketing Industry is possibly the best decision you will ever make so take a little time to do the research you need to do, avoid taking up incentives to “join now” before you have had a chance to do your research.

Yours in Success

Linda Cargill-Selfe

P.S. If you are keen to join a company and but you are not sure about the Lead Generation program they offer check this one out, this is the one I use it is a generic system so you can use it fro any company it is truly the best in the Market Place