MLM Tip – Stay on Track!

Sometimes on your journey to reach the success in MLM you are looking for, things might appear to be not working out the way you think they should and you may be tempted to quit or stop taking a particular action you are taking, don’t do it!



One of the best MLM tips I can share with you is before you make any changes to what you are doing just step back and take a breath, because there may be a bigger message in what’s happening than what you saw at first glance.

Let’s say you have someone in your business who is really going strong they are working hard doing all the training they need to do, they are going to events and taking prospects with them. They have sponsored quite a few

people into their business, and you have ear marked them as one of your top leaders.

One of your top MLM leaders

This person is a real people person loves what they do and loves helping others, they are almost the “perfect MLM’er” they love people and use money they uplift and encourage others, they set clear and specific goals and they are not needy or insecure (I think I can guess what you’re thinking – where can I find people like this!) and just as things seem to be going at a million miles an hour…….

Something happens in their lives, perhaps a relationship break up and then they call you and say those words you don’t want to hear,  “I am sorry but I am putting my business on hold for the next 6 months to get myself back together and I am going to Africa to work as a volunteer so I can give my attention to something other than me”…..

Whilst it is normal that you would feel some kind of disappointment at loosing someone like this, even if it is only for 6 months, and it might even knock the wind out of your sails for a time, just keep going just keep up your momentum this is only a bump on the road that’s all it is., and this bump will help you become stronger as a leader.

When things like this happen just refocus on your goals and keep taking the action you need to take. Get in touch with the people on that team and let them know you are there to support them and give them your contact details and keep going you need to demonstrate certainty and leadership

As you progress through your business, people will quit and you might at times wonder why especially if they are doing well, don’t second guess it, as long as you are doing what needs to be done this is just a normal part of life. It happens in all business. The only time it will have a negative impact on you is if you let it.

What MLM leaders do

Leaders in the MLM Industry and traditional business are leaders because they don’t get thrown off track when something doesn’t go according to plan or some key person quits, they review where they are going and take whatever action is required to get things back on track.

So anytime anything happens that might appear to throw you off track, just know that all that is happening is that you are being given a chance to strengthen your leadership skills, skill that you will need to lead a huge MLM business, and stay on track!

Yours in Success

Linda Cargill-Selfe

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