MLM Tip – You must Love People and use money to create success in Network Marketing

Network Marketing successThere are a couple of common misconceptions about Network Marketing relating to how some of the leaders relate to the people in their teams. Many say that the top leaders just love money and use people, another misconception is that it is a business where you use your friends to make money.


Initially when I first entered the Network Marketing industry I was really surprised to hear this, because from my perspective I saw Network Marketing as an opportunity to help some of my friends make money and I loved that idea and I loved the idea of working with people I really like.

Once I had been in the Industry for a while I began to understand why some people had these perceptions, because I saw people join a Network Marketing team, not because they wanted to, but many of them felt they had to because they would not be doing the right thing by their family or friends if they didn’t.

Unfortunately there are people who do love money and use people in the Network Marketing Industry and there are many of them in the Traditional business arena as well it is not something that is mutually exclusive to Network Marketing.

The only issue here is what you as an individual do, and if you are reading this blog that already speaks volumes, otherwise the content of this blog would be of no interest to you.

So what does loving people mean, does it mean that we do as much for them as we can making sure that we are there helping and propping them every step of the way, heck no! that’s not loving people that’s smothering and disempowering people.

Loving people means accepting people just the way they are, we are all unique and we all have different views and perceptions of the world

Loving people means inspiring them to reach their goals and aspirations.

Loving people means empowering them to do the things they need to do

Loving people means caring for their well being and helping them to help themselves.

I believe the misconception people have about Network Marketers, and that they love the money and use people comes about when people are pressured into joining a business that they really don’t want to be in.

By pressured into joining a business I mean when offers are made like “just join up we will build it for you” or “you don’t really have to do anything just talk to three people and your business will grow like crazy” and it is also pressure when people are told “to get in now because this thing is going to go off and you are going to want to be at the top”, whilst many Network Marketers are keen to see their friends succeed and take advantage of an opportunity there is also those very few, who just want sign ups to get to the next pin level or to increase their cheque, these are the people who love money and use people. You will often see them rise up quickly and just as quickly disappear.

By really caring for people and making sure, to the best of your ability, that when people join you they are doing so because Network Marketing is what they really want for themselves not what you want for them and then helping them to develop the skills they need to succeed is all about loving people and using money and with that mind set you will surely create a dynamic team that will go all the way to the top, bringing success to everyone!

Yours in Success

Linda Cargill-Selfe