MLM tip – Should I introduce a new prospect to my MLM Business using my upline

Is introducing a new prospect to your MLM by getting your upline to call them a good way to build the business? Over the years andthrough some of the traditional teachings of Amway this was a common method of exposing people you knew to the Network Marketing business you were in, and there has been many questions of late as to whether or not this is the most effective way to get new people started and to get them taking action from the get go!

There are a couple of different processes you can use contacting a new distributors prospects in your MLM business.

  1. Have your new prospect make a list of friends and family and then giving those contacts to you. This means you would ring the prospect and say that Joe Blog recommended that you call you as he believes you are interested in generating multiple streams of income and he thought you may be interested in what we do, (or something similar)  – The issue  I have with that, personally, is it borders on breaching the privacy act and I would be peeved if someone who calls themselves a friend of mine wouldn’t pick up the phone and call me themselves.
  2. Another method is to have your new distributor make a list of friends and family and then have your new distributor make the initial call and while you are there and then you take over the call and explain the opportunity.

I believe that there are definite advantages in having a more experienced Network Marketer making calls to prospects, however I would prefer to help someone by going through the process of talking to my prospects and have them sit with me while I am doing it rather than doing the work for my new distributors and not allowing them to grow in the fashion they need to.

For overall ease and efficiency in growing a Network Marketing business, I believe using attraction marketing is a far more valuable way to build the business and because you are building relationships first, you will develop long term success for a large team of people.

Yours in Success

Linda Cargill-Selfe

PS. This link will take you to some amazing information on Attraction Marketing