How to be an MLM Leader

MLM LeaderBeing a leader in MLM is an important aspect of your success!

You are going to have a large group of people who will have various levels of experience in the MLM industry plus you will have people who come from various ethnic backgrounds and a huge variety of age groups and socio-economic and educational backgrounds, and developing great leadership skills will really escalate your business and the businesses of the people you come in contact with.

There is often a misconception about what leadership really is, I have often heard people say things like I am the boss so I am the leader of my staff, or I have reached a certain rank in the MLM industry and so I am a leader, in my opinion this is not leadership, leadership is not something that is given or just taken, it is something that is earned.

So what attributes do you need to posses to be a strong and celebrated MLM leader? The very first thing all great leaders learn to do is to be great followers. If you go back through history you will find that all the great leaders in Industry and all the greatest world leaders were at one time successful followers.

That fact is demonstrated so clearly in the MLM industry all the amazing Leaders I have ever heard speak in our Industry have told stories about their early days in the Industry and how they learned to be great followers first.

Other attributes you need to posses to be the MLM leader you were meant to be are:

A leader has a clear and concise set of goals and direction
A leader has a set of standards that they live and teach
A leader is a visionary
A leader is out font and leading by example
A leader has a passion for people and their success
A leader has the willingness to do what they would ask anyone else to do
A leader has the ability to inspire and uplift and encourage others
A leader accepts responsibility for their own actions
A leader is courageous and takes risks
A leader does what is right not what is popular
A leader takes others to the top with them
A leader is a person who serves
A leader is always learning and growing
A leader is a good communicator
There are absolute volumes written on leadership some of the authors I recommend are Jack Canfield, Jack Welch, Stephen Covey, Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn. If reading is not you strong point watch the DVD Gandhi, here is one of the greatest leaders of all time so much can be learned by watching this video, Gandhi was amazing!

One of the soundest ways to develop your leadership skills is find a leader in your company and ask them to either recommend a mentor to you or perhaps they may mentor you themselves.

Leadership is truly leading by example start today to develop your leadership skills and help your team and your company to rise to great heights.

The world and the MLM Industry is waiting for new leaders, so why not step up and become the leader you were born to be!

Yours in Success

Linda Cargill-Selfe