Magnetic Sponsoring is it all hype?

Is Magnetic Sponsoring just another hyped up programme to get you to part with your hard earned cash?

Is this a “New School” Network Marketing scam aimed at those who are really trying hard to build a successful Network Marketing businessusing the tried and true methods of some of the greatest leaders in the Network Marketing Industry, and used since the Industry began?

These were only some of the questions I had when I first heard about Mike Dillard, Attraction Marketing with his Magnetic Sponsoring System. My mind was closed to learning about it or even listening to it, because I had been taught, through my traditional learning, that true success in the Network Marketing industry could not come via the internet, Network Marketing is all about building relationships and you can’t do that over the internet!

When I first heard about Magnetic Sponsoring my business was doing “reasonably” well I was sponsoring a few people my cheque was increasing and “I didn’t need” any Attraction Marketing system to grow my business or so I thought, after all people who were around me and successful in their Network Marketing businesses assured me to just keep going with what you are doing just do more of it and sooner or later you will sponsor the “right people” into your business.

A few months went passed and I literally ran out of people to talk to, I wasn’t sponsoring any new people and my tam weren’t doing that well either, so I needed to find a way to contact more people to expose my business to.

I don’t have that kind of personality that can just strike up a conversation with strangers in the shopping centres, so the only avenues open to me were advertising and buying leads. So I decided to buy leads and to cut a really, really long story short I got sick of talking to people who really wanted either a get rich quick scheme or a job.

1000’s of dollars later I decided to bite the bullet and invest the $1 for the 10 day trial of Magnetic Sponsoring and read about this attraction marketing. When my copy arrived I read the testimonials and then read Mike’s letter right at the start I laughed so hard I almost cried because Mike was talking about me, he didn’t name me or even know he was talking about me, but he was talking about me. I was one of the ones that didn’t have a strong business and I hadn’t thought that this knowledge was right for me for almost 2 years!

Once I started to read it I could not put my copy of Magnetic Sponsoring down every page just made more and more sense this very thing I had resisted was the thing I needed most.

Now when I look at the economics of it I laugh, the investment I needed to make in Magnetic Sponsoring $39.95, the cost of not doing that sooner ENORMOUS!

Investing in your education in the Network Marketing Industry is absolutely vital to your success, if you really want to change the way you look at your Network Marketing business and your success this is a very small investment that will generate huge returns.

Magnetic Sponsoring in my opinion is neither hype nor a scam it is a genuine product that can help you on your path to success much more than you realise. There are so many new and dynamic leaders in the Network Marketing Industry today that owe their success directly to the traditional skills they have learned that began our industry and the mindset and skills that Magnetic Sponsoring brings to the table. Thank you Mike Dillard

I got a chance to meet Mike Dillard in Las Vegas earlier this year and I couldn’t wait to tell him the impact he and his material have had on me and my business.

Yours in Success

Linda Cargill-Selfe