Law of Attraction and Network Marketing

What role does the Law of Attraction play in having Success in Network Marketing? I had a conversation the other day with a person who said that the Law of Attraction wasn’t working for them because they had set a goal to earn $20,000 a month from their Network Marketing business and it hadn’t happened.

I thought this was a good chance to clear up what could be a misconception by some of what role the law of attraction plays in you having the success in Network Marketing you want.

Firstly, the law of attraction is working all the time, just like the law of gravity, it is not something you can ever switch off. What the law of attraction means is, like attracts like or as Esther Hicks puts it, like unto itself is drawn.

Where the confusion comes in for many of us is they we the belief that because we are using words like “I want to be a successful Network Marketer earning $20,000 a month” that law of attraction will deliver according to those spoken words. That is not necessarily how it works and let me explain why.

You must have a real heartfelt belief and expectation that you are successful in Network Marketing and that you earn $20,000 a month.

It is really important to understand what is being said here, it must be, that you believe it and that you can see your Network Marketing success and monthly income in your mind’s eye. You must be able to visualise yourself having or being the thing you have asked for.

The law of attraction is only ever attracted to the words you speak if those words are backed by an undeniable belief, faith and expectation that you are, in this case, a success in Network Marketing and that you earn $20,000 a month.

The law of attraction will not respond to the words that are spoken if there is no belief, faith or expectation that you are a success.

The law of attraction is always responding to the vibration of your thoughts and beliefs and it’s doing it every moment of the day, so if you have set a goal to be a success in Network Marketing and as yet it hasn’t happened, you need to review what you really believe, and you can do that quite easily by paying attention to the thoughts you have.

For instance you may be thinking it is hard to find the right people, and even though you have a spoken and written goal of wanting to be a success in Network Marketing which means you must find the right people, the law of attraction is responding to your belief that, it’s hard to find the right people.

So how do you change that belief when what you are looking at your business and you’re looking at the fact that you don’t yet have enough “right people”? The only way you can do that is to change the belief you currently have and the easiest way to do that is this.

Begin by building the belief that the law of attraction has been responding to the beliefs you have held and that belief was that the “right” people are hard to find, but now that you know what you know about the law of attraction, you have a new belief, and that is that the right people are always around and that you are now beginning to attract them.

If you will start with these kinds of statements and think them on a regular basis, things will gradually begin to change for you, all of a sudden you will start to meet or interact with people on whole new level and some of those people will be right under your nose and you will wonder why you never recognised them before.

The law of attraction plays a fundamental part in your success in Network Marketing because it is part of the universal laws that govern our existence and are always working, just like the law of gravity.

So pay attention to the results you are getting and that is your absolute guide letting you know what your beliefs are.

Yours in Success

Linda Cargill-Selfe

PS: There are some amazing books and CD’s out there that will really help create clarity about the the law of attraction and the role it plays in your life. If you just go to Abraham Hicks .com you will find an amazing amount of material on their site that not only explains the Law of Attraction and much of it is free!