How to become a huge success at follow up in your Network Marketing Business!

Success in Network Marketing

Explode your success in Network Marketing become a master at follow up

From the very first meeting I attended I heard this statement, if you want success in Network Marketing the fortune is in the follow up!

This seems like a relatively simple statement doesn’t it, yet in my network marketing career one of the most frequently asked questions, other than where do I find people, is how do I follow up? and why aren’t people picking up the phone when I ring back.

Well let’s just jump right into this because I believe if you master the follow up process you will be amazed at the increase in yourresults and ultimately the growth you will have in your Network Marketing business.

I really want to start here with a couple of points that are incredibly important about the initial part of the prospecting process and this ultimately will impact the results you are having with your follow up. I want to help you get the most benefit out of the effort you are putting in so we need to just step back into the prospecting process to make sure we are connecting with our prospects effectively in the first place, this does effect the follow up!

  • The most important part of prospecting is having a genuine interest in people and their needs and we need to disconnect from any particular outcome. If you are at all like me when I used to hear this I would assure myself that I was interested in people and their needs, and I thought I genuinely was, I really worked at finding out what issues people had and I looked for some way to help.
  • What I didn’t realise was that even though I thought I had a genuine interest in them and their needs, I was still really looking for a way to show them how my Network Marketing opportunity or products could help, I didn’t think about the fact that Network Marketing might not be for them. My overall thoughts were about people joining my business or using my products.

So I am asking you to do your own personal check up here and make sure that you are not attached to an outcome. The most effective way I found to do that was, I made it more of an interview process, just as if I had a traditional position I was looking to fill. I found that that really helped with posture and it made the follow up process so much easier I connected better with people and I began sponsoring more and more people into my business.

  • The second point I want to raise here is you must accept that not everyone does what they say they are going to do, so don’t beat up on yourself if someone is not there when you call or that they haven’t done what you asked them to do like listen to a CD or watch a DVD.

So let’s say you have stepped away from any outcome and you have connected with someone that has expressed interest in your Network Marketing Business and they want to know more, be very specific about what you do here!

If you are giving them information to review, ask them how they prefer to review things are they a reader or do they prefer CD, DVD or the internet, you will increase the percentage of people who review your material if you ask this question.

So much material ends up on the scrap heap unread or watched simply because no one asked the prospect what they preferred.  If you have a regular live meeting or webinar this without doubt is the best thing to get your prospects along to.


If you want people to take action you must make it important FOR THEM to do it. Most people have a lot on their plate and there are lots of things vying for their attention, so if you don’t make your CD, Newsletter, Meeting or Webinar important FOR THEM chances are when you go to follow them up, they are either not answering or they haven’t taken any action with what you gave them.

So let’s say you have connected with a prospect you edified the material you gave them or the meeting you invited them to, and when you called them they haven’t looked at the material you gave them or they were a no show at the meeting, what do you do now?

Lots of things can distract us from what we have planned to do, after all we all live in fast paced world and even with the best intensions we at times have to change or rearrange what we said we were going to do. Work demands can get in the way or even family issues may come up, so we need to be a little tolerant and understanding with our prospects.

So if you find when you make your follow up call that someone hasn’t done what they said they would do, ask to reschedule the call. Make sure you get them to confirm that they will read, listen, or watch whatever it is you gave them.

If you had invited your prospect to  attend a meeting,  arrange this time to meet them prior to the start of the meeting, in the lobby of the venue where the meeting is being held. Or if they are in close proximity to you offer to pick them up and take them.

If the person doesn’t show up the next time, when you ring say something like this, Bob when we spoke a week or so ago you said that you were really keen to get the money together to pay off your mortgage is that still the case? Let him answer the question! if he says:

  • Absolutely I’m sorry I haven’t been back to you – Arrange with him to get him on a three way call with your upline.

If the response is something like this:

  • He is not real sure because he is a bit busy right now, suggest to him that you give him a call in a few weeks.
  • If he says, look I really am keen to do something but a project has come up at work that is going to take up more of my time for the next few weeks, suggest that you get back in touch with him in a few weeks time (making sure you put a date on it)

This is where the fortune is in following him up. You read a really cool article about how people can pay their mortgage off in shorter period of time, send the Article to Bob with a note saying something like this,

Hi Bob,

Saw this when I was reading the Newspaper thought it might offer you some solutions, hope you and the family are well.

Talk to you soon


This will show Bob that you are interested in him, because only an interested person would do this. In a week or so pick up the phone and give Bob a ring and find out how he is, what did he think about the article, build a relationship, make a friend.

  • If Bobs response is. Look I thought about it and it’s not for me, ask a simple question here, Bob do you mind telling what it was that changed your mind? if it is something like, I don’t want to sell to people, you can go through all the blurb about how we are not really selling, but you know what, I suggest you thank him for his time and move on.

Still do the follow up with him, if you came across things that would be of interest to him, but don’t become the Network Marketing Pusher!

They won’t answer the phone it keeps going to message bank!

Now for the person you were ringing back and they are not picking up the phone, it keeps going to message bank. If you have dialled them three different times and they are not picking up, leave a message on their message bank telling them you called.

Dani Johnson has a great script for this: “hey Bob its Dani here I am just ringing to see if you are okay, you didn’t seem like the kind of person who said they were going to do something and then not do it, so would you mind just getting back to me and let me know that everything is okay with you”.  This is really an effective message you will find most people will either call you or text you either way you know exactly what is going on.

Following up is an integral part of your success in Network Marketing and developing your follow up skills will help escalate your rise to the top fairly quickly.

If following up in this method still concerns you, really think about building your business in a way where people come to you asking to join your business?  This method of building your Network Marketing business is called Attraction Marketing and it is truly a very effective way to build a business. There is an awesome programme called Magnetic Sponsoring that has seriously impacted traditional Network Marketing techniques, in the most positive way, and if following up is causing you some issues just jump onto the Magnetic Sponsoring site and check out their free videos, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Whether you build your Network Marketing business in the traditional fashion or you choose the Attraction Marketing route one thing remains constant you made a great decision the day you decided to join the Network Marketing Industry and just keep going hone those skills you will succeed.

Yours in Success

Linda Cargill-Selfe

P.S. Here is a link to Magnetic Sponsoring check out the free video’s