Hey let’s go party!

Yesterday we talked about the Analytical/ Melancholy personality type they type that is structured they plan and the follow their plan, well today we are taking a look at the Expressive /Sanguine personality, which is probably the closest to the complete opposite of our friends who are Analytical  Melancholy.

Let me just remind you that as we go through these over the next four days please use the information as a basic guide only, there are numerous books and CD’s in the market place on the subject of personality types, I highly recommend Florence Littaeur’s book called personality plus. This book is a great guide and it will help you with your communication skills.

So let’s get going with today’s personality type the Expressive /Sanguine.

When you think about the word expressive what comes to mind, perhaps someone who when they are excited the show it and they love to? The expressive/Sanguine type love to have fun they love people and love to be around them and love seeing others have a great time.

They tend to be very hospitable people who are usually great peace keepers they tend to be spontaneous and can clearly show their passion for life and all things exciting.

The negative aspect of this personality type can be that they can tend not finish things they start they get distracted easily and don’t really like spending too much time on their own. They can be seen at times to be somewhat of scatter brain because they get excited about new things and so the potential to have fun can see them leave what needs to done to move onto the next “fun” thing.

The expressive/ sanguine is not very analytical or structured so you can see if you are speaking to this type of personality and you only talk facts and figures your chances of getting them excited about what you do are very, very slim.

So if you were to talk to an expressive /sanguine about your Network Marketing opportunity  and you said things like, our company has been operating for 8 years, and in that time we have reached over 300 billion dollars in sales and have established ourselves in 38 markets, the earning opportunity is quite lucrative as 50% of total sales is paid back to distributors. Our brand currently holds 85% market share of the total sales volume of this product on a worldwide basis and sales are expected to increase by 15% in the next quarter as we move into two new market places.

They would more than likely be impressed however they would be more than likely to be turned off rather than turned on.

If on the other hand you started your presentation off this way, the Network Marketing Industry is a people business and in my opinion there is no better company that recognises that aspect of the Industry than the company I am with. Our company has turned over 300 billion dollars in sales in 38 markets allowing people of all nationalities to get together and work for a common cause. The training and support the company provides to make sure as many people as possible can achieve their goals is amazing. We have regular get togethers and meetings plus the company offers a number of incentive trips where everyone can get together have some fun and learn more about how to create greater success in their business as well.

NOW you have the attention of this personality type and they are more likely to look more objectively at what you are offering them.

Do not confuse this personality type with someone who is a flibbertigibbet that cannot succeed, quite the contrary these people can be the very glue that holds your business together they know and get along with lots of people. They are often very high achievers.

Start having some fun with this take a look at yourself where do you fit?

See you tomorrow with the next type

Yours in Success

Linda Cargill-Selfe