Give thanks for challenges they make you grow!

You know today I had a couple of challenges that really tested me. These challenges by the way appeared difficult at the time and they really tempted me to say oh what the heck I’ll start again tomorrow but in the end all they did was challenge me they didn’t knock me down.

Today I was excited about taking my technical knowledge beyond where it has been, and funnily enough until recently it hasn’t been too far!  I had a new tutor coming to spend four hours with me to take me through some things that up till now I have had to send out to be completed by someone else.

Many of these task that I had contacted out were things that I really wanted to know how to do, but as I truly believe, you have to prioritise in order to maximise your result and you have to mastermind to make the most of that result, so I prioritised getting outside expertise to do the work that I didn’t know how to do, so that I could concentrate and focus on what I do know how to do.

I was really excited and looking forward to learning some new skills, skills that could give me a little more freedom to expand from where I am right now, so I was waiting with baited breath for my new tutor to arrive. I get the feeling you know where this is going, and you are right he never turned up, sent me a text message 10 minutes after his expected arrival time!

My first reaction was one of annoyance because I honour other peoples time and I want others to honour mine and I felt as though he had not done that. Then I stood back for a moment,(sure after I had said a few words that my mother would have washed my mouth out with soap for saying), and I realised that there was a really valuable message for me in this, and that was this. I have an incredibly strong belief in the law of attraction, and yet when tested like I was today, my first reaction was to blame someone.

As soon as I realised what was happening I took a step back and appreciated what had happened, this challenge and a couple of other I had through the day were actually giving me more strength to go to even higher levels than I have been before. So tonight I head to bed giving thanks for an amazing day that I know will produce even greater things than I had had originally thought.

Everything is always working out even if we can’t see it in the short term we just need to believe it and it will happen.

Yours in Success

Linda Cargill-Selfe