It’s all about connecting forget the pitch!

Network Marketing Success

Network Marketing Success is all about connecting with people

Today I was listening to an amazing Network Marketing prospecting call with two guys who really are incredible, Brian Fanale and  Cedric Harris and if you haven’t heard these two guys on this call just drop me a note and I will happily send you the link, the call is amazing and provides tonnes of value and benefit

What really stood out was how these guys are kind of typical of the truly successful people in Network Marketing they really walk the talk they make connections with people, real connections. They want to know about people, to know where they are at and what it is they are really looking for and also whether the person really qualifies to work directly with them.

Success in Network Marketing is all about attracting people to buy from you not about being one of those pushy sales people that really no one wants to know, and these two guys today really showed the skills of using attraction marketing at its very best.

When you make the first connection with anyone it should always be about finding out about them and whether or not you can help them.  Let me ask you this, have you ever gone to one of those trade shows, like a home show and you have stopped at a stand to check something out and from out of nowhere comes “Stan” the super salesman, and all he wants to do is tell you how good his product is and why you should buy it? Now it may be something that just caught your eye, you may have no desire or need for it but good old “Stan” the super salesman stands right in your space and tells you about his you beaut super trade show deal for today only and how you should take up his offer….. How do you feel about “Stan” the super salesman?

Let’s look at another scenario, the same trade show a different stand something catches your eye and Brett the business developer comes over and says hi how are you, are you enjoying the trade show? you answer and he says hey guys if you would like to know more about this product just give me a call and I will answer any questions you have! How do you feel about Brett the business builder??

If you really want to be a huge success in Network Marketing be more like Brett the business builder, and forget the pitch!

Yours in Success

Linda Cargill-Selfe

P.S. Don’t forget to shoot me an email if you want the link to that amazing call