I care about what you think – personality type

This is the fourth and the last in the series on personalities, and I am going to say this one more time just to make sure you really get the message that learning about the personality types can and will be a great asset to you in the Network Marketing Industry and in your life overall, particularly if you interact with people! So check out Florence Littaeur’s book personality plus you just might find this an amazing tool that will help you build even stronger relationships

So let’s get going with today’s personality type the Amiable /Phlegmatic

Our friends the Amiable /Phlegmatic are usually very thoughtful people that care very much about keeping the peace and will often let their feelings or point of view slip to the background so that they can support others and their point of view and avoid a confrontation.

They are inclined to be romantics that will get behind a cause or movement and will work steadily and competently at the tasks they take on. They are often great teachers and mentors because of the patience they have and the desire they posses to be helpful. They can be very forgiving but when they are pushed to far their strength comes out, watch out!

The negative side too our friends the Amiable/Phlegmatic can be that they can be a little slow off the mark, they can be indecisive,( because they want to please everyone so to make a decision  might upset someone else, so they often say things like “what do you think” before making any decision) and they at times appear to lack enthusiasm but once they decide on something they are in for the long haul.

So if you were talk to an Amiable/Phlegmatic about your network marketing opportunity and say things like: Our Company is very strong in the market place and is moving very fast to make sure we make number one in record time.  I am building my team right now to take advantage of that so the sooner you make your decision about whether you join us or not the better because you will want to be in the best position to make the most money won’t you? And once you do join us you can get out there and talk to as many people as you can and grow your business very fast. Our friend the Amiable/Phlegmatic will have definitely be thinking about how can they tell you no without hurting your feelings.

If on the other hand you said to your Amiable /Phlegmatic something like this, Our company has a really strong commitment to helping people. Our products are all about improving people’s lives in some way, plus the income people can earn with our business can allow them to spend much more time with their family and loved ones. We also have a really strong support and training system set up so that when people do join our team  we can help them learn. The learning can be done at your own pace because we find some people like to go really fast and others like to take a little more time and digest things.

By this stage our Amiable/ Phlegmatic is more than likely open to doing some more research on what you are offering.

Again don’t be fooled into thinking that we are dealing with people here who are just warm fuzzies who are running around trying to please people, quite the contrary these people are incredible team players and leaders, just give them time and spend value time with them you maybe pleasantly surprised, after all Mohandas Gandhi was an Amiable/Phlegmatic and if my memory serves me right he made an incredible impact on history and he did it all passively, so don’t underestimate our friends the Amiable/Phlegmatic they could be the next and biggest leader in your Network Marketing Business.

Yours in Success

Linda Cargill-Selfe