Is Network Marketing a scam or a legitimate business? Part 1

Today I heard a story about a session on talk back radio where the radio announcer made comment about Amway being a pyramid scam. It really got me thinking about the Network Marketing Industryand how so many people still perceive the Network Marketing Industry as a scam and not a legitimate business. Just before I […]

Speed up your success in Network Marketing and cure your frustration!

Over the years I have been in this industry I have seen many people walk away from their potential success in Network Marketing simply because of the frustration level they were experiencing with the growth of their business. If frustration is something you are feeling right now I am going to ask youto spend just […]

Business Culture of Asian people

It is important if you intend to have a successful business relationship with people of Asian background or culture that you take the time to learn what the basic differences are between both cultures and what is the most effective way of communicating. Firstly, it does not mean that anyone of us is wrong or […]

What’s your predominant personality type?

In yesterdays post I talked about how sometimes when we communicate with some people they don’t seem to get what we say or mean, yet someone else can talk to them about the same subject and they get it right off the bat

MLM Tip- Daily action creates massive results!

Creating success in MLM is not a hit and miss process. Success requires focus and commitment, a commitment to taking the daily action needed to create the momentum that leads to the results you want. I am sure you realise that Tiger Woods didn’t think that by just picking up his golf clubs every now […]

MLM tips – 5 Easy steps to selecting the right Network Marketing Company.

Selecting the right Network Marketing Company for you is essential for your success, because if you do not have your heart involved in what you are doing true success will elude you. So how do you go about selecting the best Network Marketing Company for you? There are 5 key things to consider and evaluate and […]

4 Tips to becoming the best Network Marketing Mentor you can be!

Creating a successful Network Marketing business is a goal that thousands of people who join the Network Marketing Industry have, so how exciting is it to know that we have the ability to help them do that? The pleasure of that absolute buzz of helping others, knowing that you have been able to help others […]

Give thanks for challenges they make you grow!

You know today I had a couple of challenges that really tested me. These challenges by the way appeared difficult at the time and they really tempted me to say oh what the heck I’ll start again tomorrow but in the end all they did was challenge me they didn’t knock me down. Today I […]

I care about what you think – personality type

This is the fourth and the last in the series on personalities, and I am going to say this one more time just to make sure you really get the message that learning about the personality types can and will be a great asset to you in the Network Marketing Industry and in your life […]

Hey let’s go party!

Yesterday we talked about the Analytical/ Melancholy personality type they type that is structured they plan and the follow their plan, well today we are taking a look at the Expressive /Sanguine personality, which is probably the closest to the complete opposite of our friends who are Analytical  Melancholy.

4 Tips to inspire your downline to Success in Network Marketing

How would you like to increase the number of inspired Successful Network Marketers on your team? People who

Herbalife Review – Scam or opportunity

Launched in 1980 there is a lot to be said about this company in fact if you just Google Herbalife you will find any number of sites telling you the good the bad and the ugly. Chances are a Google search is what got you to my review, maybe you are someone who is thinking […]

Law of Attraction and Network Marketing

What role does the Law of Attraction play in having Success in Network Marketing? I had a conversation the other day with a person who said that the Law of Attraction wasn’t working for them because they had set a goal to earn $20,000 a month from their Network Marketing business and it hadn’t happened. […]