Baby Boomers shun Network Marketing!

Baby Boomers in Network MarketingMany baby boomers cringe at the idea of being involved in Network Marketing, yet silently wish they could have all the benefits that go with being a success in the Network Marketing Industry, financial freedom and the choice to the lifestyle they thought retirement would bring but our changing economy has taken away.

One of the main reasons baby boomers feel this way is that when Network Marketing was first introduced in 1971 in Australia it was a new concept that was surrounded by suspicion and doubt, and there were allegations of Network Marketing and Amway, (which was the first big player in the Network Marketing Industry) being an illegal pyramid, plus there was plenty of hyped up talk that people were going to lose everything they had including all their money, friends and family.

Network Marketing presentations were judged as noisy with lots of loud music and people on stage who were very excited and often very hyper and expressive. Because most of the presenters were high energy a lot of people read this as not an acceptable way to conduct a “legitimate” business,  all that hype and excitement it’s just not the way things are done!

Over the next 30 plus years the Network Marketing Industry grew in leaps and bounds, in fact according to the latest DSA figures, annual sales through Network Marketing and direct sales have reached an amazing annual figure have almost $120 billion dollars. So despite the negativity that some baby boomers felt surrounded Network Marketing it’s stellar performance year on year has clearly demonstrated its rising global acceptance.

Where the baby boomers wrong to judge Network Marketing the way they did?

I don’t believe so! The original approach by traditional companies like Amway, were often shrouded in mystery and invites to almost secret gathering’s in a person’s home and after 5-10 minutes out would come a whiteboard, and before you knew it you were slap bang in the middle of a business presentation with some guy drawing circles telling you that you how rich you were going to be in no time at all.

Put yourself in that position what would you be thinking?

This whole “secret” presentation approach plus the over the top enthusiasm, from some of those baby boomer pioneers in the Network Marketing Industry, resulted in many people refusing to even listen to anything to do with Network Marketing, I know I was one of those people.

So has anything changed that could open doors for Baby Boomers?

Absolutely, but make no mistake, Network Marketing is a business not a hobby or a job. There is a lot of work to do, nothing is for nothing so the idea that you can get rich overnight is simply not reality.

What has changed is the marketing strategies, no longer do the new school Network Marketers hound family and friends and approach total strangers trying to sell them a business. They are strategic with their activities and precise about their target audience.

Like all businesses you need to have a plan to develop your business and your skills, and you must have a sound marketing strategy and be willing to put that strategy to work and that’s just what the successful new school Network Marketers have done.

We must remember that not everyone is meant for Network Marketing and that’s just the way it is just like not everyone is meant to be a Doctor or a landscape gardener, and that’s perfectly fine.

If you are a Baby Boomer and you decide that achieving success in Network Marketing is possibly something for you, here are the first things you must do.

  1. Do your homework on the Industry the companies and the person you are going to join, you are going to be working close together so it is important that you and the person who sponsors you can relate to one another.
  2. Before you join any company or person find out what the whole marketing strategy is. Most companies these days provide you with a replicating  website and that’s great but that is NOT a complete marketing strategy, Talking to family and friends is not a complete strategy,  you must know how you are going to find people to talk to and to expose your business to.
  3. Check out the training programme and support system that both the company and the person who is sponsoring you into the business provide. This needs to be something you can follow and that you are able to pass on to your team members. So it needs to be comprehensive and simple to follow.
  4. Who is going to train you, and who is going to help you train the people you bring into your business?
  5. What live events and meetings are there? Network Marketing is a people business, so giving people an opportunity to get together will help you cement those relationships
  6. Make sure you are really happy with the company you have chosen. If you do not believe in the company or the products and if you do not use the products you are working with you cannot be authentic in promoting them.
  7. Make sure you know how the money is made and what percentage the company pay back to distributors.
  8. Finally put a plan together for your business development and work that plan make a firm commitment to do what needs to be done, you can work Network Marketing part time and it will pay but if you work it in your spare time it won’t it is a simple as that.

Being a Baby Boomer is not an excuse to do it tough, we can and do make amazing contributions to society, so if you believe Network Marketing maybe for you do your home work make some concise decisions and get to work.

Yours in Success

Linda Cargill-Selfe,

a fellow Baby Boomer and successful Network Marketer