Baby boomer, Network Marketer and technology

You’ve got to love the people in the Network Marketing Industry, don’t you?

Every day it just blows me away how much help and support there is for anyone who is serious about building a Successful Network Marketing Business. I have had so much help and support to get where I am today it absolutely blows me away and I am so truly grateful. I would like to now give back a little of what has been given to me, so maybe by sharing my story it might encourage someone else to what I am doing and that’s helping people

It has been a very interesting journey being part of this industry, I just keep learning more and more every day.

You know one of the things I really liked when I first looked at Network Marketing was there seemed to be little or no technical knowledge required and that was a real appeal to me because I am considerably over 25, a Baby Boomer, and technology is certainly not my strongest point, in fact it doesn’t seem that long ago that I had no idea what a blog was and I thought tweeting was a sound birds made, so as you can see the idea of being in a business where technology was not a major focus was a very comfortable thing for me.

Being an open minded person (even though I can be really stubborn) I soon learned that you certainly don’t need technology to build a Network Marketing business, but it helps. It helps you build it faster, get to more people, helps you keep up a constant supply of leads and contacts and it makes dealing with long distance markets and team members a whole lot easier.

I have set some pretty serious goals for myself in Network Marketing so I decided to hit the growth level I wanted, it was time I took a giant leap into this century and learned something’s about using technology and start employing it as part of my business growth strategy.

Up till this point in my business I had been working my warm market and I was buying leads and even though I am a pretty positive person it was doing my head in! I seemed to spend most of my day talking to people who wanted money for nothing, not people who were serious about creating their lives the way they wanted it to be. I know there are good people  that come through generic leads but my experience showed that only about 10% were keen enough to go through the channels to actually look at a business or the Network marketing Industry.

In addition to generating more qualified leads I also felt it would be a huge benefit to have a system I could expose both my existing team and new team members to that could teach them how to generate more qualified leads, and how to potentially earn some affiliate marketing money that help financially while they were building their Network Marketing business.

So, I listened, read, and watched as much as I could until I reached a place of total overwhelment, I actually got to the stage where I  became almost inactive because I didn’t know what to do first should I blog, use PPC create a website, what? I really found myself focusing on how hard this all was and I lost my vision of why I wanted to do it so it took some time to move out of the inactivity stage.

In my research I found a system called MLSP and I believe me other than joining the company I am with this, joining MLSP is the single best decision I have made since I joined the Network Marketing Industry.

Here I am with my own blog and yes I now know that tweeting is not only done by birds! Like I said at the start it blows me away that people like the team at MLSP want to help you. I have learned so much in the last few months and I want to say to anyone yes even us baby boomers, if you are not getting the results you want, take heart there is a heap of stuff out there to help you. Spend some time on the net you will be amazed what you find and you will amazed at how much of it is free or at very low cost.

A few words of warning – stick to one thing and master it, all systems get results but you must stick with them, and take massive action!

A Huge thank you to all the team at MLSP, particularly the “Hoff” you guys are amazing.

Yours in Success

Linda Cargill-Selfe