8 Step Plan to Success in your Network Marketing Business

8 Steps to Success in Network MarketingSo you joined Network Marketing you were excited and on fire, you were going to be top of your pay plan in record time, people were going to be blinded in the trail of your dust…..

One, two three, four or more months or years down the track and you haven’t even really gotten out of the starting box. And the only dust people are blinded by is the bull dust you keep spinning about why you haven’t been able to grow your business.

You look around and others seem to be doing okay but it’s just not happening for you and the longer you’re in your Network Marketing Business the harder it’s getting to prospect because every time you speak to someone, this little monkey on your back is saying things like  “hope they don’t ask me how I’m going”, cause I sure don’t want to have to tell them.

So what can you do about this? NOTHING absolutely NOTHING! You cannot change history, and it is history, it’s in the past, it’s gone, it’s over, it’s been, it was yesterday…. It’s history and unless you have some you beaut time machine you cannot go backwards and change the results.

Going backwards mentally and thinking about, analysing and beating yourself up about the past serves only one purpose, and that is to keep the negative thoughts you are having, alive, and those thoughts can have NO impact on the results you got in the past, NONE! You can’t change the actions or the results of the past, it’s the past so let it go! But if you keep those negative thoughts they will have an effect on the present and therefore on your future.

Now that point is clear, let’s get started on today. You must start thinking about what it will be like to be successful. If you are serious about wanting to achieve success in your Network Marketing Business. Positive thoughts combined with action = Successful results

So here is what YOU have to do, you have to change the way you are thinking about things TODAY,  NOW! To achieve success you must start strengthening the success and belief muscles and the only way you can do that is to change what you ‘re thinking and what you’re doing.

Follow this 8 Step Plan and watch the growth in your business explode!

1. Make a list of the things you want to achieve and READ that list every morning when you first wake up and every night before you go to bed. IMPORTANT: Do not try to figure out how to achieve these things just think about what life would be like with them

2. Write a list of things you would like to get done for the next day ONLY, before you go to sleep, and Prioritise those things into two list’s Activities & Progress

Progress = Driving traffic to your site, contacting prospects, taking prospects to BOM’s, getting on a BOM webinar with prospects -anything that means you are contacting people (80% of your time)

Activities = Studying your Business, listening to webinars or calls – Tidying your office – printing flyers- all activities that have nothing to do with hands on driving traffic to your site or prospecting.(20% of your time)

3. Verbally commit to yourself that you deserve the best of everything in life and that you are really like the idea of being successful in your Network Marketing Business, and have a great night’s sleep

4. First thing in the morning repeat your verbal commitment and review your to do list for the day.

5. Do one thing from your progress list, no matter how hard it is to make your self do it, just do it, do  that one thing. Don’t second guess it just do it! Don’t concern yourself if the person says yes or no to your Network Marketing Business that’s not the point of what we are doing here, all we are doing is starting to strengthen the success and belief muscle. (Picture it like lifting weights, if you were just starting out you’re going to lift light weights for a while until you get the hang of it and then as you get your technique right and the muscle strengthens, you increase the weight’s and the frequency right?)

6. Congratulate yourself on the action you took, this is a very important step. Then do the next thing on your list, following the same process, and keep going until you have completed all your progress tasks, taking on only one task at a time. TIP: Break your tasks into hour by hour, and just focus on what you are doing for each particular hour, don’t worry about what you have to do in the next hour, until you get to that hour.

7. Listen to people who are a Success in Network Marketing, take 30 mins or so every day and listen on purpose to someone who has achieved what you want to achieve

8. Go through what you did for the day and congratulate yourself, really congratulate yourself and then go to step one and repeat the process, Focus only on ONE day at a time.

I am sure you have heard the expression – “A journey of a thousand miles begins with taking the first step”

This is so much more than just an expression there is something magical that happens as you being to take step after step, enthusiasm and self belief builds and as they build so does the momentum, and as the momentum builds you start to achieve the results you want.

Yours in Success

Linda Cargill-Selfe