5 Tips on how to run a successful Network Marketing meeting

5 Tips on how to run a successful Network Marketing MeetingRunning a success Network Marketing opportunity meeting can play a huge role in helping to create massive momentum in your business and can provide a strong and supportive platform for new distributors to bring along their guests.

It also means that your distributors have the opportunity to learn more and gain the confidence and business knowledge they need to create success in their businesses.

The five most important tips to run a successful Network Marketing opportunity meeting are:

Tip #1 Make sure the venue where you are holding your meeting meets the following criteria

If you are holding a meeting in a hotel or venue other than your home

  • Promote the meeting and then promote it some more, make sure everyone has clear details about the meeting: Date, Time, Address
  • Make sure the venue is as close as possible to public transport and public car parking
  • Set the room up with some extra seating on stand by
  • Make sure the temperature of the room is comfortable NOT to warm as people will lose concentration
  • Ensure all AV and lighting is working and have a presentation backup option.
  • Have someone at the door greeting people and collecting names, emails and phone number and the name of the person who invited them to the meeting
  • Start on time and have one person stay at the door for the first 15 minutes to welcome any late comers
  • Time the meeting to run for approx one hour

If you are holding the meeting in your home

  • Promote the meeting and then promote it some more, make sure everyone has clear details about the meeting: Date, Time, Address
  • If you are holding the meeting at night make sure you have an outside light on so that people can easily identify your house
  • Make sure the room you are holding the meeting in is clean and tidy
  • Make sure the children and any animals you have are taken care of and do not interrupt the meeting
  • Check the room temperature and keep the room slightly cool
  • Set the room up so that each person who attends can see and hear the presentation
  • Have extra seating available
  • Start on time
  • If you are serving refreshments after the meeting keep it super simple.
  • Time the meeting to run for about one hour

Tip # 2 Remember it is ALL about them

  • The purpose of holding this meeting is to expose people to your business and to find out if you have something that could solve THEIR problems or issues, it’s about providing and adding Value to others. It is not a platform for you to talk about yourself and what you have done with your business. It’s very valuable to tell your story and why you are doing what you’re doing, but keep it all about them, after all isn’t that why they are they to change something in their lives?

Tip # 3 Provide a solution to their problem

  • The most effective flow for a Network Marketing presentation to follow is: explain the current problem and offer a Solution.

Tip #4 Have people give testimonials

  • Involve other members of your team or company and have people give their personal testimonials about why they choose to become part of this Industry
  • Edify the people giving testimonials and make the edification relevant.

TIP # 5 Have a Call to action

  • Make sure when you close the meeting you have a call to action, don’t be afraid to ask people to do something. People are looking for leaders to follow so lead them. Have the facility for people to sing up on the night
  • Finally follow up on everyone who attended your meeting, including your distributors, this is an area where many people fall down, they invite someone to a meeting and then they wait for the person to ring them?!?!

If you decide that this is how you are going to hold business meetings hold them on a regular basis, like maybe the first Wednesday evening of the month or every Tuesday, whatever you decide make you are consistent so that people feel confident that there is a meeting on, and promote, promote, promote!

Yours in Success

Linda Cargill-Selfe